Monday, January 18, 2010


Artist- TobyMac

Album- City On Our Knees (Single)

Label- Forefront

Street date- November 17, 2009

Album length- 4 tracks. 27 Minutes 32 seconds.

Genre- Urban/ Pop/Hip Pop

IPod pick- City on our knees

Tobymac’s new album comes forth February 9 but a little foretaste isn’t a bad idea at all and that’s what this single offers us.

All in all, the single album contains two remixes (‘Boomin remix’ and ’lose my soul remix’) of songs featured on earlier project ‘Portable Sounds’. It also has a 15 minutes interview with the main man, no one other than Toby himself. The interview gives us a peak into the making of the record and a snippet of a song from the full album (‘Tonight’). ‘Boomin remix’ features Diverse city’s own Shonlock who gives a rap interlude on it.

The Center point of this single is ‘City on our knees’. This radio ready vibe would amaze you with the new direction Toby’s music has taken. ‘Tonight Tonight’s the night’ Toby sings ’for the sinners and the saints/ two worlds collide in a beautiful display/It’s all love tonight/ when we step across the line/ we can sail across the sea/to a city with one king’. The song is a call for a reviving revolution; a call for all to come as one and acknowledge the King of the earth. I can boldly assure you, its Tobymac’s most contemplative song till date.

The thing about foretastes are that they leave you longing for the main dish. This has done the same and the good thing is that it promises a beautiful surprise in the box on February 9 for us. Can’t wait? Then City on our Knees single is indeed worth jiving to in the time being.

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