Saturday, July 23, 2011

David Gregory - A Day With a Perfect Stranger

Mattie Cominsky’s husband comes back home claiming to have met Jesus in person. Sincerely Mattie thinks he’s lost it. She backs her bag to get away from the madness of it all with the excuse of an out-of-town business trip with hopes to decide on what might be the outcome of their already tortured marriage. Mattie’s will never be the same again when she lands in between two strangers on her flight from Cincinnati to Tucson.
In this soon to be modern classic, author David Gregory tackles hard questions on life, love and faith in a very tender and simple way of a story.
Alongside the book sets us on a part to answer questions we can only answer via an experience.

What would you have to say to Jesus if you met Him?

In fact would you recognize Him if you ever met Him?

Not so fast. Come take a ride in Mattie shoes as she spends a day with the perfect stranger.
You might be surprised at your answers to the questions at the end of it all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introducing : Dara Maclean

Meet new singer on the block, Dara Maclean. Her new single ‘Suitcases’ is already all over iTunes now. In fact she’s listed as one of iTunes artist to look out for including others like Miguel, lemonade mouth and many others. Dara’s music is something between the mid roads of the style of Lauryn Hill, the voice of Adele and the little pop spunk Natalie grant and Francesca Battistelli have in their music making her a unique artist to look out for. Building a summer playlist already? Let Dara have a place on it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Melissa Greene - Next step

Artist- Melissa Greene

Album- Next Step

Label- KOCH records

Street date - March 3, 2009.

Album length- 10 tracks. 40.1 minutes.

Genre- Pop

Ipod pick- Imagine

Every now and then we hear a song on the radio that inspires our heart to take action and make our world a better place. Worship Pastor and Former member of the group Avalon is here to give us more of songs like that on her debut. ‘Can you imagine what the world would be. . . . If Hope is the language we all learn to speak’ 30 year old Melissa asks on ‘Imagine’, a rocky ‘anthemic’ song about impacting our world. This is followed by should I say a consecration song ‘Wonder’ were the skilled singer cries out with strong vocals for more of Jesus. ‘Next Step’ is that beaty song reminiscence of the pop tunes of the Jessica Simpsons and Jennifer Lopez but with hope filled lyrics on getting back up when life seems to press a stop.

‘Long road to forgiveness’ would soon be a favorite once heard. A story song in the likes of Mark Schultz’s ‘Letters from War’ which centers on the joys and pains of letting go and forgiveness. ‘Army’ testifies of God’s mercy and refuge. It affirms God fighting our battles for us. ‘Too far’ is a nice pop rock driven tune. The album takes a solemn turn on ‘Jody’s Song’ where the singer sings about trusting God over the loss of a loved one.

For starters, I think this is a good start for Melissa Greene. Thumbs up to her for bringing up an original sound with her and not giving us something that sounds anywhere near Avalon. Wanting something new and refreshing this summer? The shelf holding Melissa Greene’s ‘Next Step’ should be your next stop when next you visit the music store.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeremy Camp - We Cry Out

Artist- Jeremy Camp

Album- We Cry Out: The Worship Project

Label- BEC Recordings

Street date- August 24, 2010

Album length- 11 tracks: 50 minutes, 10 seconds

Genre- Rock

IPod pick- Jesus Saves

Jeremy Camp’s second worship project sounds indeed like something already heard. My opinion, Strictly mine. But don’t blame me. I’m a big fan of Camp. I have followed him since his debut ‘stay’. The thing about his music is that he’s got a signature sound. He‘s rock is so distinguished and flavoured. You would know it if it’s being played on radio without his name being mentioned. This uniqueness has amassed so much fans for Jeremy camp and even Christian contemporary music over the years.

The first thing that made me roll my eyes on ‘We Cry Out’ was seeing ‘Mighty to Save’ on the track list. Please this same song has been recorded by more than 20 artistes (after 2006 when Hillsong first recorded the song). And guess what, Jeremy sings it as plain and normally arranged as it comes. Popular worship songs (which you would be familiar with if you frequent the worship music shelf) like ‘Never Let Go’ and ‘Everlasting God’ also surface on the album. There are a couple of outstanding tracks on the album though. ‘Not Ashamed’ (which I think is the strongest track on the album lyrically and musically) and ‘Jesus Saves’ are radio ready tracks with easy to learn lyrics that you would soon want to learn.

The album closes with ‘Unrestrained’ and ‘King Jesus’, beautiful songs that talks about surrender to our Lord and Saviour. Long time fans of Jeremy Camp and Worship Music wouldn’t mind picking the new Jeremy Camp’s Worship Project to add to their archives. It would help if new fans taste the Jeremy Camp’s flavor on albums like ‘Restored’ or ‘Beyond Measure’ before visiting this one.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Artist- Group1Crew

Album- Outta Space Love

Album length- 50 mins

Record label- Fervent Records/Word

iPod Pick- Need Your Love

Wow! That’s the word that best defines Group1crew’s brand new full effort. The album kicks off with the electrified ‘Live it up’ which is sure to get you moving. Blanca’s voice is so refined so is the guys’ rap. ‘Need your love’ is that song you would just love to groove to every now and then. The songs talks about how we just can't survive without God’s love. The comparisons of God’s love to ‘rain on dry days’ and ‘ the oxygen I need to breathe’ would keep you saying a prayer as your groove to the beats. It’s all soulful worship on ‘walking on the stars’. The amazing  TobyMac is featured on the thoughtful ‘Let’s Go’ which is a wake up call. ‘There’s never a right time to get up and live life. . . . So take what’s you’ve been given and make time to turn someone’s day bright. . . The future’s what we make . . .’ This 'change' anthem is followed by the grunge styled ‘lean on me’ with rap calling out to a friend who has been through some hard times. ‘ when everybody fades away . . . remember I am here to stay’. The next song ‘ Beautiful’ is an album highlight. It’s indeed a beautiful song and Blanca’s ad-lib shines through.

The rest of the album ( Transcend, Outta space love, Manipulation, Breakdown) are party ready tracks with spiritual truth embedded with. Not neglecting the cool rap tunes about surrender  ( Please don’t let me go, Control )which also are very cool tunes. ‘Wait’ talks about patience in relationships and it has this Motown throwback. Beautiful concept!

All in all, Group1crew’s latest project is an amazing ride you don’t want to miss. Next time you stop at the music store you better grab ‘outta space love’, it’s your ticket for this out of space ride.


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