Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ken Davis - Secrets of Dynamic Communication [Book Review]

Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis has proven to be a great resource not just for public speaking but also in preparing reports, articles and also a book for me. It is filled with guidelines and instructions on how not to muddle up your main point or idea in the sea of information to be communicated.

Ken Davis author (stand-up comedian and founder of the SCORRE conference) has helped many authors, corporate executives and professional athletes develop their speaking skills over the past 3 decades.  Ken sets to do this in Secrets of Dynamic Communication for the reader with lots of details and guidelines.

Though the book is written in a workshop/ workbook type of format with assignments to help connect and aid participation with the reader, I found it quite difficult for a read through like other books on communication books I have read. Whether you see this as an advantage or disadvantage, Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis surely will do what it is set to do which is to help deliver your message with clarity to your audience. A great resource for anyone looking to take their public speaking skills and general communication skills up a notch.


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