Monday, July 1, 2013

Con Campbell - Outreach and The Artist [Book Review]

Con Campbell is a jazz artist who currently lives in Illinois, Chicago after relocating from Sydney Australia. And I must say, ‘Outreach and the Artist’ by Con is one of the most practical and relevant books I have read this year.

In this book, Con Campbell delves into the tension artists face with their faith, how they are often misunderstood and how churches sometimes sabotage themselves by sabotaging the artist in their midst. Most of the practical examples used are from Campbell’s experiences as a renowned Jazz artist who also happens to work in and with churches but honestly he relates them well to every art form. He also interviews other Christian professionals doing arts in the secular in the book and the conversations are way beyond interesting, they are enlightening. They answer questions on issues such as the tension they face, how they are misunderstood by other Christians and what is the greatest barrier holding back non-believers from coming to faith.

Reading this book helped clear a number of misconceptions I had about the arts and also how to work the appropriate theology into a work of art that is meant to be used in outreach. Christians who are already accomplished artists, creative directors, young Christians who are currently questioning if they should go secular or ‘Christian’ with their music and also Christians who have a heart to reach art secluded subcultures would benefit greatly from this book. ‘Outreach and the Artist’ is hands down practical, enlightening and relevant.


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