Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steven James - Story

Author - Steven James

Title- Story

Publisher- Revell

Pages - 206

Holy creativity, that's what I can use to define what Story teller, Steven James delivers in his book 'Story'. I am amazed at the way, style and form Steven James' story is written. The closest I have ever seen to this is Max Lucado and Donald Miller. It's honest. It's poetic. It's fresh. And yes, it's a story about the greatest story ever told.

Steven James in his book 'Story' takes us through the bible in a style you wouldn't want to miss. Finding the thing line of Jesus's coming to save the human race from sin and how the majority and minority respond to 'free' freedom, Steven tells his stories, other's stories, bible stories, unseen stories and how they all intertwine with the story God is telling.

Steven James left me at many instances after reading a line with my mouth wide open savoring the beauty words can have when they are strung together correctly and also reconsidering how I'm letting God's story influence mine. Let me share one of those many instances. Steven writes in a chapter titled 'broken'

"Someone pointed out to me
That a pebble and a diamond
Are alike to a blind man

Maybe I've been fingering
Diamonds all this time
Without ever realizing it"

'Story' is a beautiful book that can be enjoyed in various ways. Writers and lover of good books would come across a new and innovative way of writing and for jaded christians or those inquisitive about the faith, it's an invitation to recapture the mystery. For anything don't (or never) skip (or miss) the chapters titled 'chains' and 'story'. They are worth the price of the book.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Shanon & Michael Primicerio - Life. Now.

Author - Shanon & Michael Primicerio

Title - Life. Now. : Overcoming the ten obstacles that derail your dreams

Publisher- Bethany House

Pages- 166 (H/C)

Reading 'Life. Now.' for me was a journey. I was at a place I could only refer to as the 'edge' in my life. I was beginning to reconsider if really this and that was what I was meant to live my life doing in the face of many other 'blossoming' opportunities. If you've been there you know it's a hard place. Then somehow, I stumbled across Life. Now., a book by two twenty somethings (who are married) who have walked the same path at a local book store. And now I'm more confident about some things than when I started.
In a easy to read conversational style, husband and wife, Shanon & Michael Primicerio shed light on how we can take practical steps towards the future we see and dream so much about now. Tackling important areas such as how to fund our dreams, mentoring, handling relationships wisely, safe steps on getting out of your comfort zone and many more. This is a must read for anyone who is intentional about wanting to live the life they have always dreamed about.

What strikes home most about this book is the lace of honesty and sincerity with which it is written. They are not there yet, Mr and Mrs Primicerio tell us at the book opening but they would like to share principles which they have applied in their own lives which have worked well. And from the stories you would read in this book, you would be sure these are vast result producing principles.

Now, I am emboldened to face life head on. With God on my side, I know all things are possible. I don't have to doubt the things I am here (in this life) to do because I can't see anything. Even without 'seeing anything'. I can live my life now. Are you a twenty-something? Or maybe you are at that point of making a major decision? Are you trying to reason out if you can actually achieve why you are here? Or maybe if your dream is relevant to community? Then next time you stop at the bookstore, do get yourself a copy of The Primicerio's book. You would not be the same at the end of the journey. Yes you wouldn't. It's a good guide to living your Life. Now.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beckah Shae - Destiny

Artist – Beckah Shae

Album – Destiny

Recording Label - Shae Shoc Records

Street Date - August 16, 2011

Album Length – 12 tracks: 43 minutes, 27 seconds

Genre – Hip-Hop/ RnB/ Pop

iPod Pick – Music

There’s this fire and pumped up zeal that comes with anything indie artist Beckah Shae does. From her Youtube pop medley series to her inspiring tweets and to her former albums. And she sure doesn’t fail to deliver that on her new project. Two things never cease to amaze me when I hear the music of Shae. 1. The lyrical depth and rooting in God’s word and 2. Her easy, original and not forced mainstream sound.

It’s no news anymore that it’s hard to compare Beckah’s music to anyone’s style in the Christian market. Talk Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis and a bit of J Lo‘s new sound (yes, the sassy Mrs. Anthony and I’m talking about her ‘I’m into you’ style) now you are getting there and you aren’t even there yet.

Beckah’s last record ‘Life’ was so good (with tunes to be remembered down history’s lane like ‘Imagine’, ‘Forgiveness’, and ‘I’m Beautiful’) and I’m glad to tell you ‘destiny’ is in fact better. Kicking off with the ‘sing it your way’ styled ‘Are You Ready’ where Mrs Shae displays her amazing vocal range, and on to the mind+party bumping ‘Music’ which I personally think should go on mainstream radio. It’s a sound and useful advice to all music makers (no matter what genre) out there. ‘Music . . . . It has the power to take you somewhere’ Beckah croons. This is followed up by another party ready track titled ‘Supernova’ then the dancehall/ hip hop/ pop ‘Holy’ comes up next.

Other highlights on the album are . . . . It’s really hard selecting the highlights for this amazing album of terribly fantastic sounds and fresh message from the throne of grace. But when you pick up ‘Destiny’ take time to listen to tracks like ‘Hope’, ‘#PutYourLoveGlassesOn’ (In fact you can’t even miss this!), ‘Just to Know’ (This is a personal favorite) and the ragga flavored ‘Show Me’. These are sounds hidden somewhere in the middle you really don’t want to be caught skipping.

And yes, less I forget, ‘Just to Know’ is actually my personal iPod Pick (Though I have the whole album loaded) but this particular song speaks to me in deeper way, in common words: I think it was written for me. LOL! . . . And I think we can all relate to it too.

I can’t tell you all you are and would miss in just a review if you are not going to pick up Beckah Shae’s Destiny in the music store. It’s really fantastic and yeah . . . . It was worth waiting for!


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