Friday, August 30, 2013

Randy Pope - Insourcing [Book Review]

The world is changing, also is the way church is being done all over the world. INsourcing by Randy Pope is a book for pastors, church consultants or anyone interested in church growth and structure. It bares it all about what's working and what's not. In the pages of this book Pope uses Perimeter, the church where he pastors as an example of what it takes to transition through  different phases of growth as church.

Though written with church planters and pastors in mind, the models and ideas in here can be adopted by individuals. The big idea in INsourcing is fantastic and very needful especially in this generation, but as the book unfolded I found it being repeated over and over again. It would have been a much shorter book. Also the story chapters though enlightening into the rudimentary practicality of discipleship, came across as a bit distracting to the overall reading.

Is INsourcing a needed read? Sure, especially if you have anything to do with a church even if it's as little as just attending. And really I haven't found any book that shares the big idea in it even going through the archives of church planting literature authors such as Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren and Ed Stetzer. 

Randy Pope has offered us here a great resource and yes, It's irresistible. In a time when churches are at a behind-the-scenes brand wars with each other, INsourcing is the perfect warning, curriculum and reminder of what matters most and how to get done what matters most done.


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