Monday, March 28, 2011


Artist – MaryMary

Album – Something Big

Label – Columbia Records

Street Date – March 29, 2011

Album Length – 12 tracks: 43 Minutes, 50 seconds

Genre – Urban / RnB / Gospel / Pop

IPod Pick – Catch Me

Okay guys, I waited so long for this. MaryMary's 'The Sound' (their last effort) was a blast! (though with a lot of controversy, more on that later). I listened to it, grooved to it, took it to the party, took it everywhere and anywhere. So you can all know how eager and excited I was to get their new one titled 'Something Big'.

I remember traipsing around twitter sometimes late last year and came across a tweet ( by an obvious critic of 'The Sound' album) that was about the name of Jesus not being mentioned on the sound album unless once in the song titled 'Boom' in a passive way and I was like what! Spare this ladies they are doing a good job being a light in the mainstream scene. So I was excited to hear the opening/title track 'Something big' on their new one with the name of Jesus imprinted over it. It's a song about what Jesus has done for us and all, terming it something big. It's a Motown/Jazzy flavored gospel tune. The track 'Something Bigger' which is about living for Jesus follows with a very fast and urban beat with these ladies doing vocals like rap. You would hear catchy lyrics such as 'my God is bigger than just music' on this track.

Next is 'Blind', a hip song about God's love. A cover of the hymn 'It Is Well' comes up next. It's mellow but with great vocals. 'Walking' which is the first single off the album (released December 2010) is a song that combines turntable beats with fine RnB vocals. The interlude/short track titled 'Slow walk' is very innovative and fresh. The honest conversations drive the message straight home to the heart.

For me, it like the album changes after track eight (Survive), like I'm listening to a whole new CD. The last four songs of the album are worth the money for the whole album. They are hip, very different, and musical styles MaryMary don't really venture into. 'Are You Ready' is a pop driven encouragement/ advice letter to all their fans about the place of preparation in achieving one's dreams. 'Catch Me' had me screaming 'WOW!' on first listen. Lyrics like 'even at my best, I'm still my greatest enemy. . .' would make you take a closer look at the lyrics and press the repeat button. 'Sitting with me' is a rock song in the style of Kierra 'KiKi' Sheard's 'Invisible' (from her 'Bold Right Life' Project). Sounds so much like something Natalie Grant would record on her album. The track centers on a girl who is ostracized for her faith in Jesus Christ, Lovely tune! 'Homecoming Glory' has a country flavor (in the style of Point Of Grace) thrown in with some gospel- bluesy vocals. You would love it and would soon be humming along.

The usual is always an artist drawing back and resting on their laurels after releasing something as good as 'The Sound'. But MaryMary don't do that. The El Calmino college graduates who studied Voice, former backup singers for Brandy, three times grammy award winning duo, sisters and mothers have gone harder to give us something bigger instead. Go for 'Something Big' people, cause this one is something bigger than 'The Sound' :D

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Artist – Kirk Franklin
Album – Hello Fear
Label – Verity Gospel Music Group
Street Date – 22 March 2011
Album Length – 15 tracks. 1 Hour, 17 Minutes, 41 Seconds.
Genre – Urban/RnB/ Gospel
IPod Pick – A God like You
Veteran artist, Kirk franklin, respected and loved even by those in the mainstream market is back after so much wait since his last release with a new one. This one is tagged 'Hello Fear' and quite unlike his former efforts. It would really not be nice to compare 'Hello Fear' to any of his former release. If we do, we might not just appreciate the fresh material Kirk has to offer on this new one.
The album starts off with something I personally think shouldn't be an album opener. It's the album titled song 'Hello Fear'. An eager fan that has waited all this while since Kirk's last release would definitely skip this track to listen to the next. Funny enough the next track is a telephone conversation styled interlude tagged 'The Story of Fear'. My opinion - I think that's too early for the album or should have been the opening track. It would sure be a skip too for a fan that has waited this long. The album goes next to the gospel funky hip- hop 'Before I Die', a track that has great lyrical depth amidst its beaty tune. 'I use to be afraid to die. I use to try . . . but the Son came to give me life now I feel like I can touch the sky' Kirk sings on this one. But I roll my eyes as Kirk uses already very common clich├ęs such as 'As we proceed to give you what you need'. Does he really have to? Please!
'I Am' is a song that centers on transformation and the work God is doing in us. 'But The Blood' would soon become a favorite after a first listen. The stories Kirk shares at the end of the song would also capture your heart. Other highlights of the album are the RnB – esque 'I Smile' that sounds like the traditional Kirk Franklin and Family sound. The much loved Mali Music appears on the Pop flavoured 'Give Me'. Other guest appearances on this effort include Marvin Sapp, Beverly Crawford, Rance Allen, Marvin Winans amongst others. 'A God Like You' is a beaty song that would sure get you moving 30 seconds into it. The track 'Today' is a stand out. It's fresh and also very contemporary. It does sound like and have chants like the World cup song for Africa performed by Keri Hilson and Akon.
My take – if FEELS Mr. Franklin is just here to give his fans something new so that the wait wouldn't get longer than it has gotten. This album FEELS like something that should have come become 'The Fight of My Life' album. The songs do really sound like something we've heard before, the lyrics might just trend in the 'I've heard that before' waters sometimes and I don't mean to be demeaning. But like I said earlier, we shouldn't compare this to any of Kirk's former releases. And really if we don't, we would better appreciate the material on 'Hello Fear'. Personally, I do think it's the type that would grow on you as you listen. So next time you pick that telephone called 'the Music store', 'Hello Fear' it is! Go get yours . . . . NOW! :)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Author- Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Title- Kiss

Genre- Suspense

Publisher- Thomas Nelson

Year Published - 2008

Remember you were slaves in Egypt . . . . . . . – Deuteronomy 16:12

Ted Dekker's new work with veteran editor Erin Healy (Now author) 'Kiss' ask us all a vital question hidden between its intrigue and suspense. If you had a chance to wipe out all that happened in your past, would you? It's a very important one and tricky question at best. Some might answer yes, few might answer no and others unsure. The pages of 'Kiss' are woven in suspense and biblical truth on how one's past can be turned to be the manifestation of God's glory to a hurting and dark world.

Meet Shauna, a lady with a past some would do anything, even kill to bury. She's given two options ; to live a lie or die with the truth. Which would she choose?

Meet Khai, a woman who lost 'everything' she ever held dear but still chooses to hold on to the things that matter most. She is determined to let her light pierce the present darkness situations have placed around her.

Meet Wayne Spade, Shauna's only lifeline in her new world and the only death she's ever experienced to a world she longs to remember. A killer or a healer. Who really is he?

Shauna finds a name 'Sabueso' that sparks a memory she can't remember on several mail papers.

Who is 'Sabueso'?, who really is Wayne?, Who is Shauna, the lady unraveling so much that is better left buried by some as she searches for identity?

With the relational drama of Karen Kingsbury, the unpredictability of Angela Hunt, the spiritual warfare of Frank Perretti and the signature suspense of Ted Dekker, Erin Healy and Ted Dekker deliver another addition to the Dekker Mystery collection (Blink, Blessed Child) filled with non-stop suspense, romance, politics, scandals and biblical truths like never before. This one is packed! Take that from me. And one thing is for sure after reading 'Kiss'. You sure wouldn't just want to kiss the past goodbye but it would be a call to embrace the past so that the Mighty one can take it and use it for his glory.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Album – Hold Me

Label – Gotee Records

Street Date – February 22, 2011

Album Length – 4 Tracks: 13 minutes, 26 seconds

Genre – Pop/ Hip Hop/ RnB/ Acoustic

IPod Pick – One Song At A Time (Feat. GabeReal Of Diverse City)

I came across Jamie first on the iShine show. Instantly I was captivated by her poise. She was just so fab and cool. I never knew she could do great music. Her first album/EP has proven me wrong. Jamie doesn’t just have a poise to be admired but also a great rare sound that is worth rooting for.

Really, Jamie’s sound can be hard to describe. Something that sounds like Jason Mraz teaming up with Timbaland, the beautiful acoustics thrown in with cool Pop influenced beats tinged with RnB. But in a sense it’s beautiful and unique.

The first track ‘Hold me’ features veteran artist TobyMac and it’s a song that talks about God’s love with very real lyrics everyone can relate to. A cover of DC Talk’s ‘Into Jesus’ comes next. Wow! I really think it’s brave for a new artist to cover a song by Artists who have sung classics and have a name, but she does it well, staying true to the original and still adding her own flavor. My favorite comes next ‘One Song At A Time’. It’s a groovy beach fun song with God centered lyrics. You would be moving from the intro. It’s a lovely tune and a smile would surely rise on your face as Jamie sings ‘The sun came out just for me today. It took the clouds of life and blew them all away . . .’. The song is beautiful in its entirety

The EP closes with the thoughtful and moving ballad ‘Holding On’. I love the way she handles this song with a new side of her we don’t really see all through the album. You would love it!

Jamie Grace, the 19 year-old singer- songwriter who was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the age of eleven and cites artists like Group1Crew, Audio Adrenaline, Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, Ayiesha Woods, MOC, DC Talk, B. Reith among many others as her music influence and Amanda Bynes as one of her acting influence has obviously stepped out to walk on her water as she offers the world this EP with a strong voice. Embrace it people, it’s good beyond words and beyond that her life message might just make you rethink your own life again.

P.S - You can read Jamie Grace's Story here

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Artist- Charmaine

Album- Love Reality

Label- In:clite/ Word distribution

Street date- March 30, 2010.

Album length- 10 Tracks. 39.9 minutes.

Genre- Pop

IPod pick- Revolutionary Thought

After eight years, Charmaine is back with a new sound. Nothing like the one she had before. It's kind of pop that's hard to place under pop. The truth is; it's criminal to compare Charmaine's sound with anyone out there. I would have chosen Regina Spektor but it's a 'No'. I would have chosen Lady Gaga but it's still a 'No'. Kylie Minogue would have been a great option but there's something more that makes Charmaine's sound unique (don't even try comparing her sound with anyone in the Christian market).

The beauty of 'Love Reality' is that you don't know what's going to happen next. You don't know what type of beat or tune you're getting on the next track. It's a music adventure. The lyrics are so insightful and show Charmaine's God view about life. On 'Tell me' she deals with being open with God and not hiding anything knowing God can be everything we need. On happy tune 'Tokyo' she sings of her travel adventures around the world. 'Revolutionary thought' would soon be a favorite after a first listen. On 'Not fair' she sings about how undeserving we are of God's love. The lyrics on this album are great and reflective. But it's the music style that makes this album stand out.

Pop albums are known to have good beats that make the lyrics fade out of memory fast but Charmaine's Love Reality does it better. With a musical styling that would keep the lyrics in your head even long after the music stops, Charmaine has come to stay this time and I see her grabbing a GMA or in fact a Grammy this year. Welcome to a music reality that would blow you into love. It's Charmaine's Love Reality. Yay!

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Artist – Israel Houghton

Album – Love God Love People – The London Sessions

Label – Integrity Music

Street Date – August 31, 2010

Album Length – 12 Tracks, 67 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Genre – Gospel/ Pop

IPod Pick – Love Rev

WINNER - Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. Grammys, 2011.

I'm rolling my eyes real bad hoping they don't fall off as I write and I'm praying I stay positive all throughout this review. It's not that I have anything against Mr Houghton. Not at all. He has a crossover style very few in the industry can handle and his voice. . . very unique. But not again, can we have something fresh and not the usual sound we are used to, Mr. Houghton? It might be quite annoying to be able to predict the funky gospel beat Israel is always ready to offer on a new record.

When I first heard details about this album, like that it was going to be recorded at the famous and envied by artist from various mainstream genres Abbey Road in London, I was so excited and I couldn't wait for a listen but at my listen I just had to skim through quick. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, the lyrics are good, real, transparent and God- focused. I hear someone say but that's all that really matters but sorry I object. In an age where music is evolving and we have many of it around, I think Christians have to roll up their sleeves in hard work to bring something fresh and catchy yet not deviating from the message of the gospel. If you say we have more work to do than our mainstream contemporaries, oh yes I agree, absolutely.

With my reservations aside, lyrically this album centers on loving people as God loves us and Israel Houghton deals with this sensitive topic well. Talking about people being bothered about how slow their internet connection is and their Pizza delivery not being on time while some are dying of HIV and smitten by mosquitoes elsewhere on 'Love rev'. The album takes a slower pace on 'Others' which is a prayer/worship to God requesting for his enablement to love others as he loves us. 'You Hold My World' is a beautiful worship tune soon to become a favourite after your first listen. 'Love God Love People' Sounds like something off a 80's Michael Jackson record. The mix of genres on 'You won't Let Go' doesn't just work well in the ears. Another highlight is 'Our God' an electro- gospel pop (which is actually a Chris Tomlin cover) that declares the praise of our God. Veteran artiste Kirk Franklin appears on the bang bang beaty 'Mercies'. The beloved Fred Hammond surprises us on the RnB 'Surprises' with his amazing voice. The album closes with a mellow worshipful moment in the style of Darlene Zschech with the track ' Hossana (Be Lifted Higher)' which ends in a beautiful choral chant in the style of choral artiste like Anthony Way. It's a beautiful sound I tell you.

All in all, Mr. Houghton has brought something worthwhile to the table again. It's already got a Grammy and I'm sure you don't want to be left out in this movement to 'Love God. Love People'.
P.S – I Hope I was positive :D

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Artist- Anthony Evans

Album- Undisguised

Label- Anthony Evans Inc.

Street date- January 26, 2010

Album length- 12 Tracks. 50 Minutes, 11 Seconds.

Genre- Worship/RnB/Pop/Acoustic

Ipod pick- The Stand

Anthony Evans is back! This time not with a worship- cover album or a Christmas project but with new material. And it's his first album through his own recording label. That doesn't mean all the songs on this album are brand new but the thing is Anthony's voice rendering any song again is a must hear. With mind blowing vocals he sings the popular worship tunes 'Mighty to Save' and 'Healer' again on this one. The thing about this album is that most of the songs are mellow and reflective. It's a good thing and works well for the choice of songs on this project. Kari Jobe is featured on the duet 'Rejoice'. Anthony displays the beauty and strength of his voice more on the album closer 'Love is'. It's a beautiful tune that gives a description of what true love is.

All in all 'Undisguised' is worth the getting and the listening. With his new project, let Anthony Evans with his voice, lyrics and heart take you to a place where you render worship in spirit and in truth, undisguised.

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Friday, March 11, 2011


Artist – Francesca Battistelli
Album – Hundred More Years
Label – Fervent records
Street Date – March 1, 2011
Album Length – 11 tracks. 37 Minutes, 15 Seconds.
Genre – Pop/ Folk Pop
IPod Pick – Emily (It's Love)

After three years of so much change, a marriage, a baby and moving on into a whole new life. Franny ( Best Female Vocalist, Dove Awards 2010) comes back with something that deals a lot about change in a fun and yet Inspiring way. 'I lost my keys in the great unknown. And call me please cause I can't find my phone . . . this is the stuff that drives me crazy . . . in the middle of my littleness I forget how big I'm blessed . . . it might not be what I'll chose but this is the stuff You use' she sings on the folk tune patterned after the likes of her contemporaries such as Colbie Caillat, Sara Barrielles and Matt Wertz titled 'This is the stuff'. Sure a good and fun way to start off the album.

The album centers on theme such as starting over again (Good To Know), the adventures of marriage (Hundred More Years, So Long, Worth It), God's love (Motion of Mercy, You Never Are, Constant, Good To Know), Transformation (This Is The Stuff, Emily (It's Love)), and living for others (Angel by Your Side, Worth It). On this one we won't be seeing Miss battistelli doing various genres like Gospel, RnB and so on as we saw on her debut. This one is more consistent in genre and Francesca's voice still shines through. And like her debut, this might get to grow on you over time. Every listen prompts for another. Personally, I love what she does with her voice on 'Don't Miss It', a wakeup call song that follows in the same vein as 'It's Your Life' (which was on her debut) calling people to get up and live life to the fullest. On 'Worth It' she sings 'Love's not a feeling. . . . Love's not easy but it's worth it.'

One might be bothered of the simplicity and contemporary feel of this album but it's time we wake up to the generation and times we are in. This isn't your mama's Gospel album anymore though the message hasn't changed a bit. Let's embrace this new offering of a gospel in a new way by Miss Battistelli. This one would be in your Music Player for a very long time. Who knows maybe a 'Hundred More Years' :D

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Artist- Vashawn Mitchell
Album- Triumphant
Label- EMI
Street date- 11 August 2010
Album length- 11 Tracks. 1 Hour 2 Minutes 54 Seconds
Genre- Urban/Gospel
IPod pick- Conqueror

The one thing about gospel albums (apart from most of the times recorded live) is that monotony. One can just hum the next line before you hear it and you are sure on point. When I got Vashawn Mitchell's latest work I wasn't expecting anything less but I got something more. . . much more
On his new album, Mr Mitchell combines catchy beats with deep lyrics. The first track 'Conqueror' would have you jump to your feet proclaiming what God has done for you. 'Nobody Greater' is a mellow worship tune with beautiful instrumentation and vocals. The whole work is covered with very powerful vocals (as it is with gospel albums). The tune of 'I Need You' is hip! A beautiful song of worship and praise to God. Other highlights of the album are 'Can't Take My Joy Away' and 'Chasing After You'. The album closer is a song of encouragement called 'Now Be Restored'.
All in all Vashawn's latest work isn't your regular gospel album and is worth getting. Lovers of contemporary gospel artiste such as Kevin Levar, Israel Houghton, Dewayne Woods and Darwin Hobbs are sure to have a triumphant Joy ride!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


ARTIST- Brandon Heath
ALBUM- Leaving Eden
ALBUM LENGHT- 11 Tracks, 43 Minutes 43 Seconds
STREET DATE - January 18, 2011
LABEL- Reunion Records
iPod Pick- It's No Good To Be Alone

I remember my first listen to Brandon's Leaving Eden After loading it up on my iPod, I couldn't just stop smiling, almost laughing and saying to my self ' true . . . So true' as I listened to the title track (Leaving Eden). The thing is the lyrics are just so real and you are like 'I know what he's talking about'. And it's like that through out these fun songs that focus on everyday faith with stories that would put a smile across your face.
On 'Leaving Eden' Brandon's music doesn't just mature lyrically only but also in sound. The Enrinque Iglesias-esque 'Your Love' is simply beautiful. ' I tried to satisfy the hunger but I never got it right. . . . . Though my innocence was taken not everything is lost' Brandon screams passionately in the verses of his song. 'The Light In Me' sounds a bit something from Keane mixed with Justin Timberlake. The album slows down on ' Only Water' reminiscent of something from Bradon's former offering 'What if We'. 'Now More Than Ever' starts with clap beats reminiscent of Timbaland's Apologize with One Republic. 'Stolen' also leans towards that direction musically. It lyrics centers on how God chases after us in love. The intro of 'it's no good to be alone' a beautiful fun song is reminiscent of the intro of Jaci Velasquez 'Your Friend'. It's catchy and you would soon be moving to it's beat.

I have reviewed this album on it's sound majorly because that's one of it's major strengths. I don't mean to say the lyrics aren't deep infect they are in it's own way, centering on themes like standing up to be the change ( The One) , Heaven (As Long As I'm Here) , Restoration of peace on Earth ( Leaving Eden) , Living for Christ in a crazy world (Light In Me). But still, its sound is fresh and has a way of letting the lyrics sink deeper than it could have gone ( like on ' The One'). The album closes with a soft reflective ballad titled 'As Long As I'm Here'.

Brandon Heath's new album has got so much inspiration, essence and handwork written all over it and it's worth the listen. If you love the sound of Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke but want something deeper that would hang around the places of the heart long after the music stops, 'Leaving Eden' is your next stop on the music shelf.

". . You could be one in a sea of faces or you could be one more chance of hope. . ."
- From the song 'The One'

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ALBUM LENGTH - 13 tracks, 68 Minutes 56 Seconds
STREET DATE - 15 February, 2011
LABEL - Hillsong Music / Sparrow Records
iPod Pick- Bones

Hillsong United takes worship music to a whole new level with 'Aftermath'. With eclectic sounds ranging from synth pop to Rock. Another thing, this one isn't a live recording. These time the guys decide to head to the studio. But before we begin, one thing that has got people talking about this album is it starting off with slow song ( Take Heart) which was written and sung by Joel Houston but I think it works well for me. It sets an overall mood for the album.

The album starts with the hope themed song titled 'Take Heart' which would soon become a favorite after first listen. It sets the mood for the album in a way though it is followed by the fast paced 'Go', an anthemic rock pop sound that would remind you of something you heard on one of those indie rock albums say Deas Vail or in fact Anberlin. 'Like An Avalanche' comes next sounding like something Brooke Fraser would write and sing but sorry guys, nothing from Brooke appears on this new CD offering. She's replaced on this effort by the amazing Jill McCloughtry who performs 'Like an Avalanche' and co-wrote (with Joel Houston) and performed 'Bones'. Now this song (Bones) is my best on the album. It's worship music crossing boundaries. It sound and music ( I mean no offense) is reminiscent of sounds from Blondie, The Cardigans, Savage Garden and ABBA. It's a beautiful tune and it's lyrics amazing!

Another highlight on the album is 'Rhythm of Grace' Led by David Ware. It highlights a strength this album has in general, which is it's very deep and contemplative lyrics. This is seen in every song and I think it's a trademark of Hillsong, giving new worship song while avoiding the cliche pitfalls. On 'B.E.', a short of interlude track, we hear a short of chant in the background of the 'Beautiful Exchange' song as the instruments play. It's breath taking I tell you. The beloved Marty Sampson also appears after quite a while singing 'Aftermath' which was penned by Joel Houston.

This album which is Hillsong United's twelfth album and second studio recording ( first being'All the Above) was produced by Michael Guy Chislett, James Rudder, and Joel Houston. These collaboration was a good one and their handiwork plus hard work is seen all over 'Aftermath'. Fresh, innovative, pushing boundaries and breaking new grounds in worship music, let's give it up for Hillsong United this time. This one is a winner!

"in that moment of glorious surrender, was the moment you broke the chains in me. Lifted out of the ashes, I'm found in the aftermath" - From the song Aftermath By Hillsong United.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Author- Francine Rivers
Title- And the Shofar Blew
Genre- Fiction/ Contemporary
Publisher- Tyndale
Street date- May 2003

Things at Centerville Christian centre aren't as they should be. The pastor is aging, the congregation is dwindling, the account is shrinking and most of all the light of hope at the end of the tunnel seems to be a fable of the past. The elders conclude that it's high time to recruit a new pastor to take charge of the pulpit. Young Paul Hudson is appointed Pastor and moves down to take the post. He seems like the perfect person for the Job. Or is he? In the pages of And the Shofar Blew, Veteran author Francine Rivers tells a poignant, yet profound tale to remind us of some essential truths of our Christian faith. Dealing with very sensitive issues on faith, Christian Service, the Church and Hearing from God, And the Shofar Blew delivers a story of twist and turns with realistic characters.
The Shofar is a trumpet usually a ram's horn used in Israel. It is used to announce, to alert or warn of danger, to call to battle, or to call to action. It is still used in Judaism to call the people to accountability on the Day of Atonement. This sets the central theme for the novel on how God calls, speaks to his children and on the various ways he warns them when they are going astray.
One captivating thing about this novel is the transparency and candor employed. How we as Christians can be called followers of Christ but yet fail to yield to the nudging of his spirit in us. How we can turn the place of worship to a place of Sunday entertainment. How we can forget that God is more interested in us than in the work he has committed to our hands. And most of all how we can be mislead that a showy and 'productive' life is a fruitful life. The truths reaffirmed in this book are important and basic ones that have been phased out by the renewing of the Christian faith to meet modern times. But before the end of this book, we would be asking ourselves the same questions the angels whisper to themselves every now and then at the pearly gates 'Does What the Son of God did thousands of years ago at Calvary by any means need a renewal? Didn't he finish the work once and for all?' and also before the end we would soon discover that it's the heart of man that's deceptive beyond cure that needs a constant renewal.
And the Shofar Blew is also a story of second chances and God showing mercy even at the hour of judgment. With this book, Author Francine Rivers beckons with the Shofar of words in this soon to become a classic and long to be remembered book an awakening to fellow Christians. Awaken, Listen to the call And the Shofar blew would indeed blow your mind away.

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