Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steven James - Story

Author - Steven James

Title- Story

Publisher- Revell

Pages - 206

Holy creativity, that's what I can use to define what Story teller, Steven James delivers in his book 'Story'. I am amazed at the way, style and form Steven James' story is written. The closest I have ever seen to this is Max Lucado and Donald Miller. It's honest. It's poetic. It's fresh. And yes, it's a story about the greatest story ever told.

Steven James in his book 'Story' takes us through the bible in a style you wouldn't want to miss. Finding the thing line of Jesus's coming to save the human race from sin and how the majority and minority respond to 'free' freedom, Steven tells his stories, other's stories, bible stories, unseen stories and how they all intertwine with the story God is telling.

Steven James left me at many instances after reading a line with my mouth wide open savoring the beauty words can have when they are strung together correctly and also reconsidering how I'm letting God's story influence mine. Let me share one of those many instances. Steven writes in a chapter titled 'broken'

"Someone pointed out to me
That a pebble and a diamond
Are alike to a blind man

Maybe I've been fingering
Diamonds all this time
Without ever realizing it"

'Story' is a beautiful book that can be enjoyed in various ways. Writers and lover of good books would come across a new and innovative way of writing and for jaded christians or those inquisitive about the faith, it's an invitation to recapture the mystery. For anything don't (or never) skip (or miss) the chapters titled 'chains' and 'story'. They are worth the price of the book.

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