Saturday, January 30, 2010


Artist – Plumb

Album – Beautiful History: A Hits Collection

Label – Curb

Street Date – November 3, 2009.

Album Length – 20 Tracks. 1 Hour, 32 Minutes, 33 Seconds.

Genre – Pop/Electronica /Rock

IPod Pick – Stranded (2010)

Achievements - The first single off Beautiful History, "Hang On" reached number one in US Billboard Hot Dance Cub Play in 2009 and additionally became the first single of 2010 to reach the top spot in Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart.

Maybe what catches me about Plumb is her life journey that everyone can relate to. In early 2000's, Plumb almost gave up recording and doing music when she got a note from a young female fan before her supposed last concert saying that Plumb’s music had really influenced her life and really helped her through a very hard time. That in itself was a miracle. It made Tiffany Arkbuckle lee (a.k.a. Plumb) to embrace her career once again and start over again.
Plumb has a way of writing lyrics that reflects that we live in a world of people not just a ‘me, myself and I’ world. Her lyrics would start you thinking in a new direction. ‘Real’ a song inspired by the controversy caused by Jennifer Lopez’s low Versace gown which she wore to the 2000 Grammys, would help you see the lifestyle of the Rich and the famous in a new perspective. ‘Stranded’ is that Love song that sings silently in the heart of every lovebird in love but not wanting to make the first approach. The harmonies and guitars of the Plumb’s 2010 recording of this hit would make you fall in love with it in a new way. ‘God Shaped Hole ’, famous for its appearance on the soundtrack list of blockbuster movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ also has a new recording on this hit collection. ‘There’s a God shaped hole in all of us and the restless soul is searching’, Plumb sings anew on this recording. Two brand new song appear on this project (‘Hang on’ and ‘Beautiful History’). Trust me, its vintage Plumb style.
The other half of this album is filled with new remixes. You would love them and if you are the dancing type, it’s all the way. Plumb who is known for ambient sounds of the likes of Enya,Amy lee of Evanessence, Lara Landon, Dido and generation next diva, Leona Lewis is back with freshly recorded old tunes with some brand new stuff alongside. The thing about hit collections are that they could be monotonous and give you the ‘headache’ of having multiple tracks of the same title in your library but Plumb breaks that jinx beautifully with a ‘beautiful history’. For new fans of Plumb, ‘Beautiful History’ is a must have. For old fans it’s indeed a beautiful history and you don’t want to miss out on this.

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