Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist- Coko
Album- The winner in me
Label- Light/Intersound
Street date- July 14, 2009.
Album length- 12 Tracks. 57.4 minutes.
Genre- RnB / Pop.
IPod pick- Make a way.

The year 1990 saw the birth of soul R n B trio, SWV (Sisters with voices). The platinum recording group hit the chart then with a duet with late music veteran Michael Jackson. SWV parted ways in 1998 after 6 top selling albums. Now comes (should we say) new comer or old timer lead singer of SWV Coko , who is back to deliver more in the power of the gospel.
The album starts with a funk/rap rocky anthem ‘make a way’ declaring that God is able to make a way even when there seems to be no way (featuring Gospel rapper Canton Jones). ‘Rescue me’ could be titled the ‘drive’ song of the album, that cool rhythmic track that would put you in the good mood for a walk or a long drive. Coko goes straight back to church on the title track ‘winner in me’ testifying that Jesus is the one who has made all these come to pass and that He is sure the winner in her. ’joy of the lord’ is that song you wouldn’t mind grooving to at your next birthday party. ‘ I surrender’ and ‘renew my mind’ are smooth (let’s say) ballads that would put you in the mood for worship.
All round and round, if you are fans of strong and breathy vocals of the likes of mainstream’s Rihanna, Keisha Cole and Keri Hilson, you would soon be switching places cause Coko has come to stay this time.

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