Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist- Jaci Velasquez
Album- Love out Loud
Label- Apostrophe records
Release date- March 18, 2008.
Album length- 11 tracks. 37.9 Minutes.
Genre- Pop Latino
IPod Pick- A likely story

All time favorite Jaci comes back after a failed marriage, parent divorce and hollywood indulgence to tell a story of God’s restoration and finding strength to break through the night. This time her story shaped into the lyrics of this album would move you into a deeper relationship with our God and surely set you on fire for Him.
The theme of the album is unconditional love. Giving love to people (‘love out loud’), sticking with relationships even when it seems not to be our fault (‘it’s not you, it’s me’). Worship moments are not left out with songs like ‘my alleluia(when words fail)’ and ‘Jesus (the way)’. The height of the album is a Cinderella story song written for Jaci’s new husband (Nicolas Gonzalez of Salvador). Jaci tells us in the foot note of the album how she felt so undeserving of his love. The song also relates to how we are so undeserving of God’s love yet he fails not to lavish it on us. You would hear Jaci’s new hubby singing along on the latino track titled ‘por escrito’.
All in all, jaci’s new album is a bold declaration of how imperfect people are perfected in God’s love and that’s why it will be staying in our Cd tray for a long time.

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