Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist – Group 1 Crew
Album- Ordinary Dreamers
Label- Fervent records
Street date- September 18, 2008.
Album length- 14 tracks. 53.2 minutes
Genre-Rap/Urban/Pop/R n B/Hip hop
IPod pick- Change

Don’t let the hip hop rap fool you, Blanca, Pablo and Manwell have something to deliver beyond the good beats and the fast said lyrics. They can rap as well as sing so well.
This album ranges from jazz (‘I see you’) to pop( ‘change’) to rock (‘keys to the kingdom’ and ‘closer’) where Blanca’s vocals are reminiscent of Amy lee of Evanessence. Any kanye west fan would be swept away by the musical style of ‘living the life’. Fans of Outkast and Wyclef jean wouldn’t be left out on tracks like ‘tonight’ and ‘live out loud’. Fans of Fergie and the black eyed peas would embrace the amazing ‘Gimme that funk’.
What really matters here is that Group 1 crew has a message and they don’t even try to sacrifice it for good beats. The album is full of the Gospel and still as ‘beaty’ as ever. It’s a double giveaway and even after the last notes fades, their message of hope and sanctification would still linger on our hearts. Good one from these guys who know how to groove in holiness!

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