Friday, January 29, 2010


Artist - Tammy Trent

Album – Stronger

Street Date – July 29, 2008.

Label – September Day Records

Album Length – 11 Tracks, 45 Minutes 12 Seconds.

Genre - Pop

IPod Pick – Rain On Me

The thing about Tammy’s new collection of songs is that it’s just so sincere and tangible. Praise oriented albums are known for clichéd forms over used words which are use to describe our heavenly king, and you begin to wonder ‘ I thought they always said God was indescribable and there weren’t enough words to qualify who he is’, but sorry Tammy breaks the procedure on this new effort.
The praise and worship tracks (‘Rain on me’, ‘Humbled’, ‘Edge of the water’) plays like Tammy on her knees offering heartfelt and realistic prayers to our God in heaven. She also gives us a beautiful cover of ‘Somehow you are’ (already done by Avalon on their ‘Stand’ album).
Tammy tells a friend on ‘Beautiful’ that she’s one of a kind and a shinning star. ‘Shine’ is a mellow upbeat track that calls out to believers to be a light where ever there are.
Apart from this album being upbeat all through, Tammy’s beautiful and strong voice with which she declares the power of God would definitely sweep you off your feet.
Miss Trent who lost her husband in a Scuba diving accident on September 11 2001 is back to tell us how she’s grown ‘stronger’ over the years. With this effort you definitely will be convinced she’s made it through the storm stronger.

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