Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist- Francesca Battistelli
Album- My paper heart
Label- Fervent Records
Street date-
Album length- 11 tracks. 38 minutes.
Genre- Jazz/ pop/ rock
IPod pick- It’s your Life

Teen pop is usually known for fantasy lyrics and catchy beats that remind you of your days in nursery class. The Disney kids are here and there always having something to say about high school, teenage love affairs, first kiss and first dates. You just name it. They never fail to deliver the usual. Welcome twenty years old Francesca , who doesn’t fail to deliver the unusual. Daughter of two New York theater film makers and also a skilled pianist and guitarist as well, Francesca knows how to get the music going.
Her debut is a fusion of a wide genre of music ranging from Jazz(‘ I’m letting go) to Gospel soul (‘blue sky’) to pop( ‘free to be me’) to Praise and worship(‘Forever love’) to rock (‘it’s your life’) to ballad(‘time in between’ and ‘behind the scenes’). One thing is sure, this young woman of God knows her music and she knows it well. The whole album reflects Battistelli’s strong relationship with our heavenly father and is covered with lyrics that would draw your heart closer to Him.
Are you star struck with the likes of ‘High school musicals’ or the husky vocals of Miley cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens but still want something refreshing and deeper still? Miss Battistelli is your best bet!

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