Sunday, January 17, 2010


Artist- Mary Mary
Album- The sound
Label- Columbia Records
Street date- October 21, 2008.
Album length- 12 tracks. 44.9 minutes.
Genre- Urban/R n B/Gospel
Ipod Pick- Seattle
Producer- Warryn Campbell

Welcome ‘The Sound’,Mary Mary’s fifth studio project (counting a former Christmas release), or rather should I say Mary Mary’s first radio station. The relevant and innovative record is styled like a play-list hour on a radio station and I tell you that’s way so cool.
The coolest thing about this effort is these God driven ladies being able to deliver a press play album (you won’t be reaching for your skip button anywhere on this album, no exaggerations, I mean it) that is soaked with words of hope and faith with beats to soothe the fans of artist like T-pain and Ludacris.

The album starts off with a spoken word intro done by Deborah Joy Imani Winans which flows into the 80’s styled ‘The Sound’. ‘Get Up’ would get you up your seat doing all dance and break moves you have learnt your entire life. All time sweet heart Kierra Kiki Sheard is feautured on the club ready ‘God in me’ which is soon to become your next ringtone once you’ve heard it. Mainstream rapper David Banner appears on ‘Superfriend’ telling us how God never left him lonely in lonely times. Worshipful and ‘beaty’ moments are not left out on tracks like ‘Forgiven me’ (soon to be your all time favorite), ‘I’m running’, ‘Seattle’, ‘I worship you’. The later (‘Seattle’) is co-written with former Winans phase 2 members Juan Winans and Marvin Winans.

From the Pop driven ‘ dirt’ to the Hands raised ‘Seattle’, The Sound is filled with infectious, radio ready, epic songs that would be heard generations to come and no doubt it not a waste of precious time, it’s THE SOUND! Listen to the sound.

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