Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist-Addison road
Album-Addison road
Label-INO records
Street date- March 18, 2008
Album length- 10 tracks. 39.5 Minutes
Genre- Power pop/rock
IPod pick- Hope now

The definition of good music is in it being able translate you from one state(emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc) to a better state with safe landing. Addison road debut does this so well. Avoiding cliché pitfalls most Christian albums are used to. Trust me you wouldn’t be hearing your normal lyrics this times. After six years of recording independently, this soft rockers land a recording deal with INO (tree 63, mercy me, The fray). Six years is a long time coming and the members of this group have a story to tell about their walk with God and how the mighty savior has showed up in various ways on life’s journey. With Jenny Simmons on lead vocals, Addison road delivers their lessons learnt on love, life, self esteem, heaven, Modern culture and God with beautiful music on their debut.
‘this could be our day’ is a catchy beat that would get you moving along from the intro. The song is a reminder that we are ambassadors in this world and that we are here to cause a change and not just waste every passing minute. ‘Start over again’ follows in the same vein encouraging us that every moment is a second chance to start all over again. ‘Casualties’ is a bold anthem against materialism. ’Always love’ and ‘sticking with you’ are a healing balm to any relationship. In the latter, the vocalist tells a friend ‘Even if you try and shut me out. I’m staying here cause that’s what love’s about . . . I might let you down but I won’t let you go‘. ‘What do I know of Holy’ would get you on your knees before the last line. ’hope now’ is that song you want to hear when things aren’t going your way and even when they are. The lyrics are striking ‘I’m not my own I’ve been carried by you all my life’. All in all, Addison road’s debut is a joy ride to behold. These Texan rockers know how to carry us on a jolly ride with safe landing. I bet you don’t want to miss out. Why don’t you get on the road with Addison road!

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