Saturday, January 16, 2010


Author- Ted Dekker
Title- Sinner
Genre- Fiction/Suspence/ Thriller
Publisher- Thomas Nelson
Street Date- September 2, 2008.

I wouldn’t say this is my best Dekker novel ever, neither would I say it’s my worst but I would just place it on its own pedestal of uniqueness. Till date I would say ‘Sinner’ is Ted’s most proclamative novel. It combines good allegory (the usual Dekker style) with real life events. For instance, we read of characters being born again. The book starts off with a prologue followed by a chapter zero (now that’s very unique cause I haven’t seen any novel in my reading years having a chapter zero!). It starts with Marsuvees black (you know him if you’ve read ‘Saint’ and ‘Showdown’) finding a letter from David Abraham actually addressed to one of the survivors of Project Showdown, Johnny Drake to be précised.
The whole story unfolds around the two characters who Survived Project Showdown (Darcy and Billy), how they reunite, their fight against the evil around them and how they find the light. Like you would guess, there’s never a dull moment with Ted Dekker who knows how to portray a good story with the actions of a blockbuster movie. Be rest assured, no long prose. Fast and interesting conversation between various characters would keep you turning pages and by the time you finish or rather before the last page, the theme of the novel (which has to do with religious freedom) would get you on your knees praying for the divine intervention on behalf of God’s people (Christians).
With the styling of Dean Koontz and the fast paced action of Sidney Sheldon, Sinner delivers the gospel of Christ like you’ve never heard it before, a gospel of love yet hated by many. Beware! The sinner might just be right beside you.

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