Saturday, January 16, 2010


Artist- Darwin Hobbs
Album- Free
Label-Tyscott Records
Street date- August 26, 2008.
Album length- 12 tracks. 58.4 Minutes
Genre- Gospel RnB/Praise and Worship
IPod pick- The Name of the LORD

Church music has had its share of revolution over the years with the influence of various music genre. This is a good thing especially for our generation, easily attracted by good beats in a song and considering lyrics second. Darwin Hobbs( popularly known for his hit ‘ We worship you today’) doesn’t fail to deliver good church music that would grab your attention (with the vocals similar to that of Luther Vandross) at first listen leaving you to consider the lyrics at second listen.
The album centers lyrically on the album title. Yes, freedom is the central theme. Getting help to be free from sin(‘Heal the land’), Genuine repentance (‘I repent’), the reality of freedom from sin (‘free’), staying free ('crosswalk’) and worship and adoration to the God who has made us free (‘the name of the LORD’,’I praise you’, and ‘sacrifice of praise’) are various topics explored lyrically in this album. The album borrows a closer from the Deitrick Haddon’s album 'worship together' on which Darwin himself features on (He’s able) reminding us all that that which God has begun in us he is faithful and able to complete it. Hobbs latest release is a powerful declaration of the Freedom we have in Christ. I assure you ‘Free’ wouldn’t be leaving your music players for a long time.

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