Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tasha Cobbs - Grace [Music Review]

Artist: Tasha Cobbs
Album: Grace
Street Date: 2/5/13
Record Label: EMI Gospel
Genre: Gospel
iPod Pick: Get Up

I just absolutely love Tasha Cobbs. Behind the stilettos and big hair is a heart that longs to worship God passionately and appropriately and you wouldn’t miss that in the music Tasha offers on ‘Grace’.
Get Up’ is hot tempo meet Gospel music. It’s a power chant of sorts for a generation as Tasha sing-scream the ad-lib ‘Let the Kingdom of God rise’. You would sure rise and do a non-rhythmic dance. Yeah non-rhythmic, the tune is that sick! ‘Love You Forever’ hangs more on the soulful type but picks up at the bridge like that Travis Greene song, yeah you got it right ‘Heaven is Loud’.

Happy’ is a happy church song. You know the type the worship team leader sings with all smiles on her face like she just won a lottery. The lyrics Tasha sings on this one open our eyes to the truth that we’ve got something more than a lottery as Christians ‘everything about you is right. It covers all my wrongs. Your life saved my life. With you is where I belong’ Although it morphs into a chorus that could make the old church mamas and papas move frantically from side to side or get off their seat and do the foot zig-zag dance, Tasha rounds it up sharp and soulfully doing an ad-lib with ‘Everything about you is right’ that would cause anyone that loves good music to shiver slightly and feel the chills.

For Your Glory’ and ‘Grace’ slow things down a bit giving us songs that would be so appropriate for the Sunday morning drive to church preparing our hearts for the worship beyond.
I heard a cover of ‘Smile’ a while back on one of Tasha’s former indie releases and have loved it since then. It’s a great song. ‘Break Every Chain’ is that power song we always wait for on any gospel album we pick up. Filled with lots of declarations, prayer and faith, you would leave this one playing in your living room for a long time.

Tasha has a great big voice and what I love most about her music is her fearlessness in stepping beyond the boundaries, not being scared to infuse lots of creativity into the ‘old as days’ genre called Gospel. Lovers of Adele, Le’Andria Johnson, Jennifer Hudson, Helen Baylor, Crystal Lewis and Mary Alessi have a new friend, welcome Tasha Cobbs. This lady is sure here to stay.

[Review Originally Penned  For and Featured Courtesy of TheGospelGuru.com]

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