Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Colton Dixon - A Messenger [Music Review]

Artist: Colton Dixon
Album: A Messenger
Street Date: 29 January, 2013
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Genre: Rock
iPod Pick: I’ll Be The Light

21 years old Colton Dixon actually journeyed to the 11th season of the American Idols in the year 2012 to encourage his sister during her audition and after weeks came out in the finalist roll. Sweet story huh? The best is yet to come as this young rock star's debut seals him in the lines of veterans like Coldplay,Lifehouse, Daughtry, Paramore, 30 seconds to mars and Switchfoot .
The album opens up with an intro a lot might not see a point of. Honestly I didn’t see the point too but I guess the concept of the album was more like a film project (check out the market branding on Colton's Facebook page), so if I guessed right, the intro serves well. ‘Noise’ starts with the 'thump thump' beat accustomed to the rock and roll oldies say ‘The Beatles’ or Mike Jagger of The Rolling Stones but settles for the classic rock choruses we all can predict.

‘I’ll be the light’ is a beauty, lyrically and musically. Colton sings vulnerably ‘When you’re out of faith, I’ll give you some of mine. ‘. I believe this very song stands the chance to be a rock classic that would be remembered after a long time. On ‘Love Has Come for Me’ Colton screams passionately ‘Cause this is where I am. This is where you start. And everything I needed is everything you are’. You would hear his soul on this one and I think this would make a great soundtrack for an Hollywood blockbuster, listening you would sure imagine an high school scene or say a love story, you would say I told you so. ‘Scars’ has this rocky melodic chorus that would make you move side to side to it. The song might just make you take a walk and raise your hands to the wind too. It’s a great tune.

I think one thing that stands out in the rock made by Colton Dixon is the lyrical intertwining with music. Colton's got soul and that's sure. He is clear about his message and doesn't trade it all on the table of mediocre sound. 'A Messenger' a collection of great rock tunes mostly melodic and loud with a one or two ballad thrown in between ('Let Them See You', 'Rise') but beyond that Colton brings lots of hope to the table too. Might just be one of the best things that has happened to rock since Daughtry's Home.

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