Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jeremy Camp - Reckless [Music Review]

Artist: Jeremy Camp
Album: Reckless
Album Length: 11 tracks: 41 minutes, 2 seconds
Street Date: February 12, 2013
Record Label: BEC
Genre: Rock
iPod Pick: Paradise
The name Jeremy Camp reminds us of two words: Soul and Rock, now put them together and we have Soul Rock a genre very few of artists in the 'loud' genre have skillfully crossed into. Fact: Jeremy can make you cry while screaming and jumping with his music, yes it’s that experiential. For me I got hooked with the album ‘Restored’, on which Jeremy sang rock songs about God that got me wondering why every rock artist wasn’t singing about God if it could sound this good. ‘Reckless’ which has been anticipated by fans has got high stakes to climb, if it climbs them is what this review is about.

Reckless’ starts off with the edgy drum-drum versed ‘Reckless’ that has a chorus that might just spark up the life of any party. But my fear on close listening to this one is that for the adult fan base Jeremy has gathered over the years it might just be like a throwback to their punk teenage years. Though ‘The Way You Love Me’ slows down the album drastically and too early and sounding like something we’ve heard before but can’t remember, it’s a beautiful song of bold declaration. ‘Free’ follows the thump, thump chorus we are offered at the album opening.  

‘Paradise’ a must love and a personal favorite is a bit laid back in sound but compensates with a fine and fun soundtrack you might only find on rock and roll oldies you once loved. Beautiful and noticeable songwriting appears on the mellow ‘We Must Remember’. Camp sings ‘We must remember . . . that you don’t remember our sins anymore’. ‘Shine’ might just remind you of Chris Tomlin or is it Chris Tomlin that actually reminds us of Jeremy Camp. But somewhere on the song bridge, we hear hard clap drums that adds some beauty and essence to the whole music feel on this track. 

On ‘Come Alive’ the beautiful orchestra feel we are already use to on lots of songs by Jeremy Camp is lazily employed. It sounds just good but it’s not nothing we have never heard before. ‘My God’ might seem to any fan of Camp’s music like the first blast of fresh air on this album, sounding unlike Jeremy Camp’s usual music path, but still it struggles to deliver anything new in its entirety. ‘We Need’ edges on the anthemic type but might be voted as ‘most likely to be skipped’ on the album though a bit vibrant. ‘Reign in Me’ is a beautiful ‘roll-down-your-windows-put-on-your-shades’ tune. It would sure put a smile on your face and it’s a prayer too. The albums wraps up beautifully with ‘Without You’ a song of surrender.

It’s hard to judge this album on the wings of other Jeremy Camp’s album especially the first three and that I wouldn’t do. But I have a feeling core fans after waiting five years since his last original studio release (Speaking Louder Than Before) might simply be musically jaded with this. It’s the type of album you listen to the end to not cause it’s exceptionally great or a press play but cause you are waiting for something to happen. The shocking thing is it seems like nothing happens as the last track fades on Camp’s latest. 

New fans (Are there still people who don’t know the music of Camp? Lol) should please stop by at ‘Restored’, ‘Beyond Measure’ and any live recording of Jeremy Camp before picking this up. Old Fans, you well should give it a try cause I know you can’t wait to.

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