Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jekob - Pocketless Souls

Artist - Je'kob
Album - Pocketless Souls
Genre - Hip-Hop
Album Length - 12 Tracks, 42 minutes
Street Date -  10 October, 2011
iPod Pick - Walking on a Dream (With Empire of The Sun)

Truth be told, I find it hard to reconcile Je'kob's first album (minor setbacks for major come ups ) to his latest. And I'm learning to put aside my curiosity to try to comprehend what story must have emerged between the period between the release of these two records and just simply enjoy this new offering.
Read what former member of duo group 'Washington Project' and Hip Hop Soul band 'Soul Jahz' has to say about his new record.

“Prayerfully this record will hit home with a great deal of people out there struggling with the economy, addictions, feelings of inadequacy & their faith. The concept behind "Pocketless Souls" is simple. We are all spiritual beings who all too often get caught up in the rat race of life. It is an encouragement to prioritize your life around the reality that we can take nothing we acquire here with us into the afterlife. The most important thing we can do with our time here is to truly make it worth while & passionately spread the Good News every chance we get.” – Je'kob

'Minor setbacks for major come ups' was good , party ready and very beaty with amazing production. But 'Pocketless Souls' might just be my best album of the year (2011) after all ( even with Beckah Shae's Destiny's contending for that space).

The album starts with a talk intro with background that just gets straight to the heart. 'Falling Star' which comes up next would remind you of old school rapper Coolio and of course veteran rapper and producer Kanye West's Music.The hard clap 'Far away' follows in the same vein. 'Never be the same' is sure a blast of fresh air. Never heard anything like it. It's a song about living the new life we've been given in Christ. 'that homie is gone. . . ' Je'kob sings on this beautifully stringed track.

'Up up & away' music wise is David Guetta meet Lecrae. The chorus would sure get you off your seat. 'Everything' is a song I personally love. It's reflective and has a retro style. Other highlights are the Empire of The Sun hit song 'Walking on a dream' on which Je'kob raps in a style that's so unique and ' Pushin' Me' (With Cold Play)

'Pocketless Soul' is very deep and refreshing. It's so obvious that so much hard work has been put into this project. Je'kob's new album is so good and you can testify to that truth by downloading it  here for free. Come taste and see, sure you wouldn't remain the same after embracing the truth shared on 'Pocketless Soul'.

P.S. - Also get Jekob's first album 'Minor Setbacks for Major Comeups' here . And Don't forget to get his latest 'Love is All' on iTunes.
He has also just been nominated at The International Songwriting Competition for his song 'Love is All'. The judges include Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Osbourne, Run DMC and many more. Please do vote for him here.
Connect with him on twitter @iamjekob and on facebook

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