Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fireflight - Now

Artist: Fireflight
Album: Now
Album Length: 10 tracks; 36 minutes 6 seconds
Genre: Rock
Label: Essential Records
Street Date: March 6, 2012
IPod Pick: Escape

10 new tracks from Grammy nominated female front band whose music can sure shake up a sleeping child isn’t something fans of Evanescence, Paramore, Flyleaf, Kelly Clarkson and Gretchen would want to miss. 

The album starts off with ‘Ignite’, which is very anthemic and reminiscent of Paramore and a bit of the playfulness of Avril Lavigne’s music. ‘Escape’ follows suit as Dawn Michele (lead vocalist of the band) ems the chorus with soaring and haunting vocals and less I forget, who did the keys for this song?, they are awesome. The album slows down on ‘He weeps’ which is hopeful and sometimes uses cliché lyrics but is sure enough to evoke emotion. Dawn’s voice morphs into the Taylor Swift- sweet kind on ‘Keeping Me Alive’ which paves way for a beautiful and worshipful easy listening track.

The album picks up it pace again on ‘stronger than You Think’. The innovative and confident ‘Prove Me Wrong’ kind of breaks new ground musically on the album. You would hear nothing really new musically on ‘Dying For Your Love’, using riffs similar to that on former Fireflight and Skillet albums. ‘Rise Above’ is beautiful in that the musical style used amplifies it story-like and hopeful lyrics. The album ends with the title track ‘Now’ which I personally think is a loud way to end a rock album. Ending one like this might just throw the listener out of the reflective mood rock music is generally known for.

I have always known Fireflight as that band that has a collection of songs to ‘wake you up’ in the mornings ( ‘Brand New Day’,’For Those Who Wait’, ‘Unbreakable’) and they don’t fail to bring the same vein of hope-driven songs on this new project but musically this one doesn’t break any new grounds. Fans wouldn’t sure want to miss this. And this one is more interesting to listen to than the Grammy nominated ‘For Those Who Wait’ album. If you liked their first two albums, this is for you and if you are a new listener, you would not regret getting this as long as front-female rock bands and hope aren’t one of the things you detest.

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