Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For King & Country - Crave

Artist: For King & Country
Album: Crave
Album Length: 11 tracks; 41 minutes 47 seconds
Genre: Rock
Label: Fervent Records
Street Date: February 28, 2012
IPod Pick: Fine Fine Life (for Lovers of ‘Sweet’ Rock) or The Proof of Your Love (For the Worshipful addicts)

Welcome new band of brothers (to the Grammy award winning Rebecca St. James), and they’ve got sweet, sweet music for us.  Fans of sweet rock music (the type you throw up your hands to when you are alone in the car or when you are with friends at a concert) are in for a big treat. Also lovers of big bands like the fray, U2 and King of Leons are in for a sweet ride too.

 The album starts off with the piano light rock tune ‘Light it up’ which is followed by the worshipful ‘The proof of your love’. What I love about this album is that though it’s so culturally relevant in sound, Luke and Joel (the brothers who make up the band) don’t mince words on where they stand on matters of faith. ‘Missing’ opens up with heavy piano keys followed by bouncy drums reminiscent of the early days of ‘The Afters’. On ‘Busted Heart (Hold On to Me)’ , we hear heart-felt lyrics such as ‘broke your heart a thousand times but you have never left my side’ the way it’s sung abandons the cliché feel. ‘People Change’ its arrangement and everything about it would bring your mind back to 90’s rock, also reminding you of artist such as R.E.M, Aerosmith and Michael W. Smith (obviously his earlier projects). 

‘Middle of Your Heart’ might get you dancing like Napoleon Dynamite from the opening line. ‘Love’s to Blame’ is reflective and sounds so much like a sorry heartbreak letter (think ‘One Republic’) but it’s not. ‘Fine Fine Life’ is beautiful; I would say that again, ‘Fine Fine Life’ is beautiful. Get it and listen to it that’s all I can say. I don’t know why but something about the intro of ‘Sane’ would bring your mind back to Brandon Heath’s ‘Now More Than Ever’ from his ‘Leaving Eden’ project. ‘Pushing on a Pull Door’ shows the creativity and uniqueness displayed on it even from its title. ‘Crave’ would make the worship set for any youth group where Hillsong’s music is used, though it isn’t vertical per see.

One of the hardest genre of music to critic is rock cause somehow it always tells a unique story but still as much as I want to say For King and Country’s debut is a blast of fresh air, it really comes in through our window with some we’ve breathed in before. I believe there was a focus when the music for this record was scripted so there’s a sure reason for the obvious monotony that could have been avoided but all in all, like I said earlier, if you love ‘sweet rock’ and deep worshipful lyrics that would help you connect on a blue day, this is SO for you.

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