Saturday, February 13, 2010


Artist – Mandisa

Album – Freedom

Label – EMI CMG

Street Date – March 24, 2009.

Album Length – 11 tracks. 43 minutes, 47 second.

Genre – Pop/ R n B / Gospel/ Urban

IPod Pick – How Much

Achievements –Nominated for 2010 Grammy Award for Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year

After bitter-sweet moments on American Idols, a successful debut, a struggle with food addiction, and an ongoing promising weight loss program, American Sweet heart, author,Plus size model and season 5 top ten American Idol finalist Mandisa Hundley is back again to declare a freedom that can be found nowhere else but in Christ.

The Album starts with the mellow beaty but strong ‘My deliverer’ on which the singer declares praises singing ‘My deliverer you rescued me from all that held me captive’. ‘How much’ would set your mind on God’s love. The song asks the question how much we are loved by our heavenly father. ’Victorious’, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ and ‘Freedom song’ declare the mighty saving power of our God.

Gospel Rapper Blanca (from Group 1 Crew) is featured on the bouncy and lyrically bold ‘Definition of me’. Mandisa’s voice stands out passionately on ‘Not Guilty’ with lyrics that would keep you meditating on what Jesus did on the cross even after the music stops. ‘He is with you’ is an encouragement through hard times of trials, loneliness and pain. ‘Leave it in the valley’ is an encouragement to a friend having a supposed hard day. The poppy tune alone would brighten up anyone’s day. The album ends on a very mellow note with ‘You wouldn’t Cry (Andrew’s song),a song that deals with loss, grief and the realities of heaven. I love it so much cause the song is from the perspective of the deceased in heaven telling those on earth that He’s in a better place and that if they could only see where he is they wouldn’t even cry for him.

One thing I admire about Mandisa is that while contemporaries of hers hide their faith behind pop culture, she is so bold to declare it and that’s so encouraging. With ‘Freedom’ she doesn’t fail to declare the Gospel in its ability to make one free. Thanks Mandisa. You rock!

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