Sunday, April 11, 2010


Author- Angela Hunt

Title- Magdalene

Genre- Fiction/ Historical.

Publisher- Tyndale

Street date- March 21, 2006.

The woman from whom seven demons where cast out, One of the Supporter and financier of the three year earthly ministry of Jesus, One of the first to witness the risen Christ. That’s the Mary Magdalene you and I may have discovered from turning the pages of scriptures. But in ‘Magdalene’, Veteran Author Angela Hunt paints an astonishing yet realistic and believable Mary with words that would keep you turning till the last page. Home maker and trader of fine fabrics, Wife of Yaakov and mother of Binyamin, Native of a small town by the sea called Magdala. Meet the Mary we always knew. Meet the Mary we thought we knew. Meet the Mary we never knew.

What wows me about ‘Magdalene’ is the unique plot and uncommon style with which it is written. The book starts off with Miryam of Magdala facing a trial in Rome. She begins the story by telling the court how she got there. A listener and Roman centurion named Atticus present is intrigued by Mary’s story and finds the story drawing him in only to discover that he is a pivotal part of the story.
Another strong point of this novel is the depiction of biblical characters as the real persons whom they are. People with emotions, with family issues, some even faced rejection from loved ones and still how some chose to stay authentic to the call of God upon their lives. Through the pages of ‘Magdalene’ you would discover that the difference between the biblical times and now is little next to no difference (lets neglect the fact that Apples and Blackberries are more than just mere fruits in the age we live in now).

The research carried out before this novel was bore is so evident. Hunt takes us on clear ride through the streets of Palestine in the times of Jesus and she does a good job. The lessons to be learnt are numerous and the major theme of the novel which is forgiveness is so relevant even to a world where the world power isn’t held by the Romans. ‘Magdalene’ would open up a window in your soul with the words of Yeshua flowing in like a cool breeze like you never heard before. An ancient character with so much controversy, with so many stories, some derogatory, some heroic. Angela Hunt not neglecting valid facts of history and biblical truths helps us see this woman of time past but still with modern relevance in a new light and you would be glad you did.

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