Friday, February 12, 2010


Artist – Hillsong

Album – Faith+Hope+Love

Label – Integrity

Street Date – August 4, 2009.

Album Length – 13 tracks. 1 hour, 15 minutes, 23 seconds.

Genre – Praise and Worship/ Acoustic Rock

IPod Pick – Yahweh

For Music that is all and strictly worship, all roads leads to Hillsong church Australia (Pastor Brian Houston). For the past decade and more, Hillsong has not failed to drop a full length album of worship songs each year ( including Hillsong United and Hillsong Kids who do the same). Their worship music has created a standard for church music all over the world. The latest addition to their worship collection is ‘Faith+Hope+Love’.

The amazing thing about Hillsong is that it consists a collection of gifted Musician and songwriters who have a heart for God. The album opener is a ‘tum- tum’ upbeat praise song (‘First and the last’). Jad Gillies smooth voice comes in next leading ‘For your name’ also upbeat. David Ware’s soulful voice comes in next on ‘Glow’. The album highlights are ‘It’s your love’ (written by Mia Fieldes and lead by her and Darlene Zschech),and ‘I will Exalt You’ (Written and lead by Brooke Fraser Ligertwood). The latter would lead you to worship in tears with Brooke’s ad lib reaching towards the heaven. The song sure has a story behind it. It’s a church ready tune for worship. Simple Psalmic lines that are easy to learn with first listen. Reuben Morgan comes in next leading ‘Yahweh’, my favorite on this project. The song lyrics are so sincere, true and directed towards God. You would be worshiping deeply before the track comes to an end, even after the last guitar string fades out.

The album picks two tracks from Hillsong United’s latest project ‘Tear down the walls’ (‘No reason to hide’ and ’You Hold Me Now’).But really this songs sound much better on this project. Jill McCloughtry’s Voice shines on ‘We the redeemed’ which is also written by her. Brooke Fraser Ligertwood appears again ‘His Glory Appears’ which is actually penned by Darlene Zschech. A mellow lovely worship song and the shortest track on the album. Darlene’s sweet voice shines on ‘The Wonder of Your Love’ a co-write between Leeland and Marty Sampson.

A fresh collection of worship and praise song is what we have all through on Hillsong latest project. For lovers of worship that leads to the courts of bliss of our God even helping us touch the hem of his garment, Faith+Hope+Love is a must listen.

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