Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Isaac Carree - Reset [Music Review]

Artist: Isaac Carree
Album: Reset
Label: Door 6 Entertainment 
Street Date: June 25, 2013
iPod Pick: Famous
From the bouncy ‘In the Middle’ to the soulful, laid back in tune ‘Uncommon Me’, Isaac Carree has brought in a kind of RnB in gospel we have come to love. Using his last project before this one as a springboard, it’s not like Carree brings something totally new to the table as various artist might come to mind when listening but the thing is how music is a part of this artist. He brings a presence to it that’s just uniquely his. And that is a very good thing. Isaac Carree carved a niche for himself and called us all in even with his debut ‘Uncommon Me’. That said, what about ‘Reset’.
On ‘Reset’ I hear many things. For me ‘Reset’ sounds more like a debut for Mr Carree as he totally leaves that niche he made for himself on his real debut. The thing about leaving niches is that just like a mother bird, you might lose some fans you already have in your nest.
Enter in ‘Clean This House’ the first single from the album which is already all over radio. This track is so R Kelly (Who coincidentally features latter on the album on a remix version of the same song)! Apart from concerns on originality on this track, the song writing is also skewed and lacks some precision. The verse starts off with a personal story ending up with a preachy bridge and ‘generalized’ refrain. My quick question for the artist or songwriter: is this a personal story or the metaphor story type with an ideal character the writer hopes anyone should fit into? These issues make the song a bit un-relatable.
Viewing as a whole, ‘Reset’ as an album is bold (maybe not lyrically) but musically. It is fresh and unlike a lot of things out there even in the mainstream. It has moments that shines with creativity [for example the ‘raggedy’ sounding little band choir chanting ‘Jesus’ on the moving ‘Famous’ (You need to listen. it is beautiful and has the ability to move your soul)]. Though with the Venn diagrams drawn already by popular RnB males such as Jason DeruloTygaChris BrownJor’dan ArmstrongTrey Songz, Miguel and little big boy NeYo, it’s hard to not be able to categorize anything thing that comes out in the RnB sector with pop flair into these categories but it’s good to find on Carree’s ‘Reset’ that thankfully some tracks fall out of these circles (Knock KnockFamous, Never, Right Now.)
We hear a hint of what it used to be on ‘Right Now’ and its one song that would connect with you even from the opening lyrics and sound. Ever wondered what it would sound like whenKirk FranklinLecrae and Kiki Sheard appear on a song? You need to listen to the loud speaker bomb ‘So Glad’ and they do it well without overshadowing or too much shine.
Ever had that feeling when a piece of artwork is saying a million things when it’s best at just passing one across? That’s what ‘Reset’ felt like on first listen but I believe it would grow on me. It should grow on you too. But first you’ve got to press the reset button on the memory of Isaac Carree you always had (even way back with Destiny Child‘s Michelle Williams and the Men of Standard) cause it’s okay to call this one a brand new artist. Seriously, it’s okay.
P.S.- Whatever lyrics he was crooning on the song ‘Never’ girl stay strong! You might be whining your waist before the song ends. Honestly it matters. I just had to tell you. Lol

[Review Originally Penned  For and Featured Courtesy of TheGospelGuru.com]

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