Monday, May 27, 2013

Kyle Idleman - Gods at War [Book Review]

Having not read the viral 'Not a Fan', I loved 'Gods at War' from the very beginning. Not necessarily for it's writing style as names like Rob Bell, Max Lucado, Mark Buchannan or Phillip Yancey might come up when it comes to writing that wants you to get to read a book for a second and a third time but more for it's introspective and insightful moments and the author's ability to handle a topic such as idolatry in such a relevant and realistic format.

'Gods at Wars' is a book about the various gods that contend for the space of the one true God in our hearts. 'I've heard that before' I hear you say but it would shock you some unseemly things we have gotten comfortable with in our culture which are actually and out-rightly gods! 'bronzed'  images we have carved for our selves. After all, Idols aren't so old school. They are still much around. All they did was just morph and Kyle Idleman tells us the why,how and what they morphed into.

For anything chapter 12 'God of Family' is a must read. Kyle switches the bouncy mood writing in which most of the book is written for a sage style say the Max Lucado style and the truth therein is weighty and impactful. It's a no miss at all.

Ann Voskamp (Author of 'One Thousand Gifts: a Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are') says this about this book

"Pick up this book only if you are weary of losing battles, if you are done with band-aid solutions, if you are ready for the real winning. You won't finish it and be the same person"

And I didn't. Get the book, you sure won't.

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