Thursday, June 21, 2012

Various Artists - The Yada Music Project Vol. 2 [Music Review]

Artist: Various Artists
Album: The Yada Music Project Vol. 2
iPod Pick: Eromplaini Feat. Cobhams

I was blown away by Evin Amiri’s (of the 21:03 band) ‘Yeah 3x’ off the Yada Music Project Vol.2. It was my first listen once I uploaded the 2 part album unto my player and can I be honest, I smiled BIG and sort of screamed, It’s was that good and I can assure you bad music wouldn’t make you do that, wail maybe. Let’s leave ‘Eromplaini Feat. Cobhams’ for now which is a total makeover for the band Rooftop MCs (which I wasn’t a big fan of before but now looking forward to their next album).
The core idea behind the Yada Music Project is to create a platform for international and local artist in the Nigeria to bring their music to, getting off the glossy covers of recording labels and promoters. And guess what,  some artists you might never have heard of shine really BIG on this one. 

‘Pop Sound’ by Jungle Fever would get any party rocking and grooving, yes at the same time. ‘In Control’ by Onos is bold, breaking new grounds with traditional sound highly influenced by techno dance hall, you would love it. Anani’s spoken word pieces (‘Just Wondering’ and ‘As Fine as Fine Can Be’) are a no miss. I think one of the most innovative tunes on the album is delivered by Modele on ‘Elevation ft. IBK’ though I would have loved to hear an accentuating sound somewhere in the middle after the second chorus, but it’s still a very cool tune and the rap sort of compensates. XL’s ‘Like a Drug’ is a personal favorite too though some might term it ‘rookie’ in sound but it’s so reflective, beaty and soulful all at the same time,  and I kinda love that. Mamasika drops a power-up, anthemic, march forward sound on ‘What it is’, the tune might bright to mind a bit Keri Hilson  here, some 50 Cent there and a little hint of the power sound rap of happy girl Beyonce to mind but beyond the ‘cheesy’ tune, this lady’s got a bold message.

‘You’ by Japhy Davis is a must listen. And Je’Kob’s ‘Seventy Five Deep’ also makes the list. Now back to ‘Eromplaini Feat. Cobhams’ by Rooftop MCs, this one deserves a place on your iPod, it’s so innovative, bold, honestly nothing like you’ve heard from the duo.
I love it that the whole aim this album was set to achieve isn’t defeated. On listening to the The Yada Music Project Vol. 2 (compiled by the YADA Mag team) you would come to know new artists, you would recover your love for old ones and you will be able to see through the BIG names and get a glimpse of the real thing which is the music. You would love it! It’s worth it! It’s worth it! Go download it and It’s FREE.

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