Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hillsong Chapel - Yahweh [Music Review]

Artist: Hillsong Chapel
Album: Yahweh
Album Lenght: 13 Tracks: 64 Minutes 59 Seconds
Street Date: October 26, 2010
Label: Hillsong Music/ Sparrow Records
iPod Pick: Came To My Rescue

When I first heard about Hillsong Chapel ( a new venture by the Hillsong Church towards making or ‘remaking’ music with a reflective and acoustic feel) some years back I discarded the idea quickly. Why on earth would I want to buy Hillsong songs I already own because of a different recording? Buton listen to their Yahweh Album, it’s a different story as this new recording of old songs brings not just a new feel to this songs but also a very meditative side to them. Even the very rocky ‘Salvation is Here’ isn’t slowed down but is recorded in such a way that its powerful lyrics shine through.
Other highlights are ‘This is Our God’ and ‘Mighty to Save’, they are sung in such a way that it’s really worth having them again. Most songs on the Hillsong Chapel were rendered by Rueben Morgan, Jill McCloughtry and Joel Houston. When asked why they went into this venture, the Hillsong team replied wanting to give music that could be used in times of reflection and prayer and I must say this album even if you have most of the songs on it before is a great resource for your times of meditation and prayer. The songs take on a new communal side dropping its performance side. Honestly it’s worth getting. 

"The new series takes worship back to a simpler time when it wasn’t a movement or a genre but simply a way of praising our God...The new arrangements make for a more organic record, perfect as the background piece to someone’s personal devotions or for smaller congregations who didn’t find the originals a perfect fit." -

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