Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Robert Whitlow - Life Support

Author - Robert Whitlow
Title - Life Support ( The Santee Series, Book 1)
Publisher - Thomas Nelson
Pages - 400
Release Date - July 17, 2003

When Baxter Richardson is pushed off a high cliff by his newlywed wife who grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and is haunted by the unseen from her past, a heavy drama unfolds and female attorney Alex Lindale finds herself undone in the aftermath. Baxter Richardson survives the fall but is held on life support as Ezra (his father) and Rena (his wife) battles over his life. Their motives on retaining and terminating his life are called into question though Rena presents a written document  that states Baxter does not want to be kept alive unnaturally.
In this Frank Peretti meet John Grisham styled novel, Author and attorney Robert Whitlow brings up a tale that would ring in our ears like sweet music long after the last page has been turned.
  • The battle over a young man’s life
  • A young woman who is tormented and yet a torment
  • A fine pianist awaking from the throes of a divorce
  • An attorney who has it all together but is finding out as the story unfolds that nothing was really in its right place.
These stories collide in the one story titled ‘Life Support’. Though not so action packed, Life Support is one I highly recommend. Robert Whitlow’s writing is somewhat touching, inviting and captivating with plots that would excite the reader’s imagination, and the little quotes at the chapter beginnings are a plus. For lovers of courtroom suspense-filled thrillers of the likes of John Grisham and heavy spiritual themes of the likes of Erin Healy and Frank Peretti, You just got a new recommendation – Life Support


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