Monday, December 5, 2011

Press Play - World Anthem

Artist - Press Play

Album - World Anthem
Record Label: DREAM / Universal Music Christian
Release Date: Street Date: September 27, 2011

Album length: 12 tracks: 43 minutes, 33 seconds
iPod Pick - Walking On Air ( Feat. Manwell Reyes)

After two albums out that didn't seem to satisfy the creativity of music critics, the group formed from the former worship band of the impactful Los Angeles Dream Center is back with some fresh music. Let's see how this one unfolds.
The album starts off with the title track which starts off with a drum roll and intro which so reminiscent of Plumb's 'Great Planet Earth'. The anthem is a call to start a revolution. Group 1 Crew member Manwell appears on the dance floor ready 'F-I-R-E'. 'Let it Out' would make you double check if someone hasn't switched the CD for party hard Jamaican mix or Rihanna fast track. It an out of the box track for Press Play, really different from what you are used to from them.

'Just Like Lightning' sounds like something snatched from one those Hannah Montanna Shows with a little bit of the 80's ( say Cher or Madonna) thrown in. It's a dance floor disco light tune about surrendering. Walking on Air is a personal favorite. It a beautiful beaty and unique tune. You would simply love it.

Things suddenly take a slow and soulful turn on the tenth track 'Save My Life'. The worshipful 'Give it All' follows in the same vein show casing the fine vocals of the male member of the group. 'Angel Sings' which appeared on their debut 'Life is Beautiful' (but this time sounds way better and it's worth recording again) showcases also the fine talent of the male members once again.

Known not only on the christian music scene, my personal opinion: Press Play has come to stay and this album seals that fact. Bold, encouraging and worshipful, this is more consistent in tune compared to their former efforts. 'World Anthem' is sure a good place to start if you've never heard of this amazing band before. Check it out!

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