Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shai Linne - The Attributes of God

Artist - Shai Linne
Album - The Attributes of God
Release Date - November 1, 2011
Recording Label - Lamp Mode
iPod Pick - Faithful God (feat. Chris Cobbins and Sovereign Grace Kids)

The album starts off with the attention drawing spoken word piece titled 'The perfection of Beauty' which features Blair Linne. 'Only you are beautiful' speaks up Blair ' but yet invisible. True beauty is spiritual'. This beautiful piece is followed up by the repetitive chorused 'Not to Us' which I personally think should have come up later while a more powerful and fist bumping track such as 'Our God is in the heavens' ( which comes after the same styled 'Taste and See') should have been the album opener after such a powerful spoken word intro.

The half instrumental/interlude track 'The Holiness of God' comes up next followed by the retro styled 'Mercy and Grace' which might sound to fans of rap music like the old school Tupac's 'California Love' in sound style. The swaggered up voice of Melissa T. Shows up on the deep searching and soulful 'Lord of Patience'. This one is a personal favorite. The song talks about how God is enduring in his love towards us. A line would sure catch your attention "we know with you a day is like a thousand years and does that mean for every sin you cry a thousand tears" . And really I don't know why but the guitar intro of this track is reminiscent of Adele's 'Turning Tables' intro.

The track 'All consuming fire' comes next asking and answering the question 'What is sin? The glory of God not honored. The truth of God not sought. . The presence of God not priced. . . The person of God not loved. . . That is sin". 'Perferct Love' comes up next styled musically like 'Lord of Patience'. Okay,' Faithful God' which comes next is just so sick, it so so good. It's very hard to compare to anything and the guy featured on it Chris Cobbins' got a great voice. JR shows up on ' The Jealous One'.

This is my first Shai Linne record and I can boldly say that this man of God has something deep going on with Jesus. 'The Attributes of God' is a very focused album lyrically though sometimes musically monotonous. This is the type of rap album one carries along on a personal retreat and I don't mean to underestimate this beautiful work in anyway. I'm just pondering the deepness of this record. Only few people can boldly declare the attributes of God on a rap/hip hop record. For fans of hard core rap looking for some deeper lyrics than stories of sexy girls, gunshots and police infested weed stores, Shai Linne just place out a perfect alternative on 'The Attributes of God' and please do go for it, it's far worth more than the deal.

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