Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Erin Healy - The Baker's Wife

Author - Erin Healy
Title - The Baker's Wife
Publisher- Thomas Nelson
Pages- 271

I started ‘The Baker’s Wife’ with shaky hands. Somehow from the first few pages, the supernatural twist drew me in.

Meet Audrey, formerly the pastor’s wife but now the baker’s wife. And no, it isn’t a divorce, it’s a series of event which flows from a choice that brought about this change. Meet Diane, a woman who is tired of her yesterdays but they keep showing up in her today. Meet Julie formerly Juliet,  a single 't' could mean a whole lot but then the first we hear about her at the beginning of the story is her blood spilled all over the foggy town’s intersection.

For me reading the Baker’s wife wasn’t just about the supernatural thrilling suspense. There were lessons to be learnt. 

  • What are the moral consequences of us neglecting a spiritual assignment as Christians?
  • Where is the thing line between grace and works in the matters of faith?
  • Can we practically love a broken person back to wholeness?

These are a part of the tough questions Author (and former Editor) Erin Healy tackles with a suspenseful and mystery driven thriller and she does a very good job on this one. The writing is insightful and sometimes is dashed with a poetic touch. But a little problem I had was at the ending chapters of the book. Healy touches on very sensitive and controversial psychological spiritual themes but makes no solid conclusion, in the style of Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ throwing the conclusion of such discussion to mere characters. I would have loved a bit more biblical perspective in these areas.

All in all, The Baker’s wife is a must read for anyone who loves the creep  . . . creep supernatural of V.C. Andrews, the action and ‘save the day’ protagonists of Ted Dekker novels and the emotional touch of Karen Kingsbury. Grab your loaves fast, you don’t want to miss the best servings from the best fiction bakery in town. Go go go get Erin Healy’s 'The Baker’s Wife'. After you have devoured the last page, you would smell the loaves still.

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