Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keyondra Lockett – Soul Couture [Music Review]

Artist: Keyondra Lockett
Album: Soul Couture (The Mixtape)
IPod Pick: Domino

There’s a new thing for covers of mainstream tunes amongst Christian circles these days, with Evin Amiri’s release of ‘Freedom Music’ and Israel Houghton giving pipes to ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (Made popular by Adele) on his new project ‘Jesus at the Center’. And guess what, class styled Keyondra Lockett doesn’t by pass the opportunity to make her own share of mainstream covers with the beaty Jessie J’s ‘Domino’ opening up the mixtape (obviously some lyrics were changed). If you are wondering ‘what’s the result of this musically?’, would you imagine with me for a moment Mary J. Blige singing one of Madonna’s pop tune say  ‘Like a Prayer’ while trying desperately to walk in her singing shoes. Funny, absurd or interesting, whatever comes to your mind first is what describes Keyondra’s version of ‘Domino’.  Personally, I love her version cause it really brings in an old school, retro, groovy feel with her beautiful ad-libs.

Can I be honest with you? ‘Turn up The Music’ which is a Chris Brown cover is so uncalled for. Even with the lyric change, I assure you you won’t stop singing the Chris Brown lyrics you already know alongside even as you listen to Keyondra’s. ‘Refill’ (an Elle Varner cover) and ‘Again’ (a Faith Evans cover) are beautiful in their rendition and gives us a real feel of what Keyondra’s music might be all about if she decides to bring entirely original songs to the table.

Are you ready for the last surprise, Keyondra also does a cover of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ and I must say that is a very bold choice, for this very reason I want to have a talk with Keyondra Lockett over dinner and hear her story. She is sure a strong lady with guts. Who covers an already very successful and popular song whose artist is so incomparable to many in the music market? A lot would find this intimidating. And you guess what? She does it without the pressure, though the lyrics she puts in at times might feel like square pegs in round holes (also on the ‘Turn up The Music’ cover) but she still delivers a soulful worshipful tune that helps us savor her uniqueness.

So is the mixtape worth getting since it’s mostly covers? Yes it is, in fact if I were to rate it with the hook ups and hang ups I have with it, I still give it a five star. I love the ‘holiness in high heels’ feel Keyondra brings to the table. I see her even after her first full length or debut going ahead to be a strong role model for young ladies out there. She is one bold person you need to watch out for on the music scene and she would sure be around for a long time even after the Dominos falls. LOL. (And jokes apart you gotta love her version of Domino. Get the mixtape for free here if you haven’t)

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