Thursday, November 8, 2012

Max Lucado - Wild Grace [Book Review]

Wild Grace is an adaptation for teens of Max Lucado’s new book titled Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine. And the unsaid thing about most adaptations is usually how they could be watered down but half –way through wild grace, I was wondering why Max Lucado didn’t set it out as a whole new project cause though targeted towards teens, it’s a book I think everyone should read.

One of the outstanding things about this book is its practicality. For a topic like grace, you expect to hear lots of theological terms and references that might make you grasp for the next bible dictionary but Wild Grace is simple but yet deep. Please when planning to read make sure your highlighter is at hand.

In Wild Grace, Max in his usual Story telling style explains how God’s grace flows into everyday life, how it affects decisions, how it changes life and how tangible it is. He even takes it a step further to answer tough questions not just teens but everyone faces about salvation whether it’s eternal or not. Another amazing part of this book is the real life stories of well-known Christians imbibed in the book. This would sure be an encouragement and a reminder of how God’s grace comes through to teenagers.

I really think more books should be written like Wild Grace and one thing that really stands out with this one is that it is so real and practical. It meets you at the junction of everyday life. Isn’t that how books are meant to be?

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