Sunday, October 21, 2012

Damita - Anticipation [Music Review]

Artist: Damita
Album: Anticipation
Label: Tyscot Records
iPod Pick: Won’t Turn Back

Damita is back! And this time she didn’t make us wait long as we did between her debut and sophomore project which was a seven year wait. If you aren’t familiar with the music of Damita, she’s got bold, powered up, ‘independent lady’, kind of style in the likes of Shontelle, Keisha Cole, Tamia, and Beyonce. What I love best about her music is the audacious form with which she sings her lyrics, you have no choice but to turn and find out who’s the lady with pipes behind the mics.

Damita’s new one ‘Anticipation’‘s got determination and making it happen against all odds written all over it. The songs are beaty and anthemic declaring powerful truths and powerful ways God has intervened throughout history. Also, Damita does something new by taking all the way to church on the ‘Choir styled’ ‘Amazing God’ and she does it so well delivering a song that I’m sure would soon be heard sung in the four walls of churches worldwide. ‘Be Revealed’ sounds like something we’ve heard before but gives us a fresh feel of that sweet Latino beat we accustomed to from Damita and her husband Deitrick Haddon.  ‘Don’t Walk Away’ which is obviously a song about a relationship gone awry has that swag ‘hands on hip’ attitude to it, I’m sure the ladies know what I mean.

The intro ambient feel on ‘Anticipation (Waiting 4 U)’ is powerful, I think that’s worth best describe it for such a song with a soft feel but heavy impact. It would soon be a favourite for late nights on your sound/dock station after first listen. On this very song we hear Damita give that ‘free to the wind’ vocals only artists like Aretha Franklin, Crystal Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, and sometimes Brandy bring to the table. It’s a great song. Just for the intro, ‘TTLO (Turn The Lights On)’ is worth the mention.

The sound on ‘I Love You’ would pierce your heart combined with its opening lyrics ‘ Oh God, I choose to worship/ When I feel good and when I’m in pain. And it continues in a steady beat which accentuates and still fall back to base. Somewhere in the middle you would here a dance-hall loop which you would probably hear only in songs crafted by people like David Guetta. It’s creative and beautiful in its entirety. 

I first thought ‘Super She’ro’ was cheesy on seeing the title but on listening, It’s a nice, feel good song you would sure move to on first listen.

I think Damita has finally found a niche musically, this is evident on this new album which is her third album and we don’t see  the wide experimenting of different ‘genres’ as we saw on her (especially) first album and second (‘No Looking Back’). 

No just for fans, ‘Anticipation’ is worth the get. It’s what we’ve been anticipating for the past 4 years. Go Dami! :)

P.S. - By the way, whoever designed the album art, we could have used more colors, portraying better the ‘feel’ of the whole record. :)

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