Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Steve Chalke - Change Agents: 25 Hard-Learned Lessons in The Art of Getting Things Done [Book Review]

One thing about business/leadership books is the tendency to catch the feeling you are not normal and you need to get frozen or more robotic in your living. Sometimes, they pass the general and untrue idea that a leader isn't an human being. In 'Change Agents: 25 hard-learned lessons in the art of getting things done', Steve Chalke breaks the mould by re-defining what a book on leadership should read like. Honestly, this is one is honest and true to the bone as Steve shares his victories and also failings. He shows us he isn't 'there yet' and he is doing great things (at his, waterloo), reminding us we don't have to have it all together before we lead and cause the change we long to see in our community.

Each chapter is apt and straight to the point, written in a memoir format as Steve shares real lessons learnt over time as a leader out there in the field.

- under promise and over deliver
- others only see your mountaintop experiences
- the journey with others is slower than the journey alone but worth it

These and many more are packed within the 120 page print book from Zondervan. Tired of the old? Want something real and relatable? Want the next level in your innovative and leadership skills? You've got to get Steve Chalke's small book 'Change Agents' , it's a great work on the art of leadership.

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  1. Omo'ba I can't wait to Lay My Hands on This Book your write up on this Is an 'appetite wetter'

    Best Regards
    Abimbola Adegbite



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