Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rob Bell - Sex God

When I picked up Sex God by Rob Bell (former and co-founding pastor of the Mars Hill Church Grand Rapids), I came with the controversies I had heard, I was doubtful and a bit skeptic if this would amount to any good amidst the many stories I had heard about the author (due to his last book titled 'Love Wins' which I haven't read myself) but to analyze anything we come across with just a single story or a series of stories that sound the same is most times as dangerous as we hope they could be so I read on giving the benefit of a doubt.

Now after I have finished this I must say it's a book I recommend to everyone ( twenty something, married or unmarried), it's a must read for all. The insights are great and the stories are seamlessly amazing. The study and research done on this work is so apparent. And one of the many things I love is the worldview format it's written and it's practicality. For anything, do not miss and also do not jump to these three chapters 'Leather Whips and Fruit', 'Worth Dying For' and 'Under The Chuppah'. They are way worth more than the price of the book. Promise me you won't jump to them. And please go get the book, apart from popular myth that God doesn't say much on the subject of sex in the holy book being debunked, your 'sexuality' wouldn't remain the same. Surprised? You haven't read Sex God. Go get it!

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