Monday, June 20, 2011


Artist – Kerrie Roberts
Album – Kerrie Roberts
Label – Reunion records
Street Date – August 24, 2010
Album Length – 10 Tracks, 39 minutes 15 seconds
Genre – Pop
IPod Pick – Take you away

I love what this new generation is doing with music, developing innovative styles, polishing their God-given talent and presenting the gospel of Christ in a very relevant way through very fresh and innovative music. New comer Kerrie Roberts doesn’t fail to deliver even more on her debut.
I personally love Kerrie Roberts’ music though the monotony in sound might be a bit upsetting but there’s something about this lady of God. She’s got a message of hope and that is what she shares with the world on this one. Kerrie has a strong and beautiful voice in the likes of artists like Christina Aguilera and Janna Long (of Avalon). In fact her voice is so reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s strong contralto.
The album starts off with the bouncy and catchy ‘No matter what’ which testifies to the goodness of God and how he makes everything we go through come out for good. ‘Keep breathing’ is a personal favorite which is simply a song of hope. Other highlights of the album include ‘Unstoppable’, ‘Take you away’, and ‘Beautiful to me’. The intro of ‘Outcast’ might get you wondering who has mistakenly swapped Kerrie’s debut for the latest Britney Spears CD but the song changes sound at the chorus which later sounds like one of those bouncy songs of Spears contemporary, Aguilera. But lyrically ‘Outcast’ is a song that talks about standing out for Christ in a world that calls one to fit into the crowd.
Putting aside the ballads lined up too close together and the slight monotony in sound style, Kerrie Roberts’ debut is a good alternative for fans of Pop music and strong vocals of the likes of Christina Aguilera searching for something beyond sex- laced edgy lyrics and bubblegum pop beats.

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