Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Author- Ted Dekker
Title- the Martyr’s Song
Genre- Thriller/Suspense
Publisher- Westbow Press

The setting: Atlanta, Georgia. The year: 1964. Marci is shaken when an old woman named Ivena approaches her with an offer to make her beautiful. The last thing Marci wants is anyone rubbing in the fact that she’s ugly. But something about Ivena captivates young Marci as she accepts her invitation.
Marci arrives at Ivena’s place expecting a magical transformation into a beauty queen but is met by a simple but yet powerful story of wartime in a distant land when a group of soldiers decide to play a deadly game on a town during the celebration of a girl’s birthday named Nadia.

In this powerful tale of what true beauty and worth really means, Author Ted Dekker weaves a tale that is sure to spur some deep questions.

  •    Is life on earth all there is?
  • What does it mean to be beautiful?

The 13 year old named Nadia who with her plain looks and disfigured leg (due to polio) shows the world the model of true beauty is the girl in the story set right in this story. As her story translates Marci from the fact that she is ugly to the truth that she’s beautiful you also wouldn’t be left behind.

N.B- Fans of Ted Dekker especially the Heaven’s wager series would be familiar with the story in here though there are a little twists and turns and the martyr’s song is first heard. Along with the book comes a CD which includes an interview with Author Ted Dekker about the story behind the story and also the martyr song recorded by CCM artist Todd Agnew.

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